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Help when you need it.

A Plan
A Design
A Dream
Every home improvement project begins
with a plan…a dream of something new and
special. When you have a clear idea of what
your finished project should look like and what
problems it should fix, then begins the search
for just the right products. We all know that a
pile of products will not magically install their
self in your home.To get the real value of quality
products requires a knowledgeable craftsman. Just three steps –
make a plan, buy the product, install the product. It seems pretty
simple but, when it comes to taking action, the entire process can
become overwhelming – even frightening.
The whole premise for The Board Store is to help you make this
process as simple and stress free as possible. Our goal is to support
you in planning and design and provide a selection of high quality
products that will fit your plan. When your plan is finalized and the
products are selected we will make certain that the installation is
completed correctly and in a timely fashion. When everything is
completed we not only want you to be delighted with the finished
work but with the journey – the experience from start to finish.
All of our sales staff has extensive experience in assisting
homeowners in planning and design. We have a kitchen designer,
flooring specialist/designer and an interior designer if you are
furnishing instead of “fixing”. Our showroom, spread through
eight historic buildings, provides you the opportunity to explore
the possibilities to fulfill your plans. Here you’ll find a sampling of
windows and doors, siding options, and sunroom options. You will
also find several options for bath remodeling, kitchen cabinets and
flooring along with a selection of fine furniture. It’s worth a visit to
discover the possibilities.
Our team would consider it a privilege to assist you with your
next home improvement or furniture investment. Stop in and look
around or reach us online or by phone to arrange a home visit.
Thank you,

‘Steppin’ Out in Pink
with each sale.





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Kathy WM

Interior Designer


Kathy R

Flooring Designer

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The Board Store

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Licensed in WI: #1612 and Minnesota #BC039847


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