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How to contact the La Crosse Tribune
Letters to the Editor
The Tribune encourages letters to the editor on current issues. Please limit letters to 250 words or less.We reserve the right to edit all letters and require that all letters include the name, address and phone number of the writer for verification purposes.Letter writers will be limited to no more than one letter a month. Please do not send poetry, or items taken from other publication or from the Internet. Send letters to:Letters to the editor, La Crosse Tribune, 401 N. Third St. La Crosse WI 54601; fax them to (608) 782-9723, or e-mail Click here to use our online form.
Opinion Page Editor: Scott Rada
Call Opinion page Editor:608-791-8343
FAX letter to the editor: 608-782-9723

Obituary Desk Contact
Call Obituary Desk: (608) 791-8430

The La Crosse Tribune Administration department should be contacted for issues regarding production, human resources, and community affairs.

Publisher: Rusty Cunningham 608-791-8285
Regional Circulation Director & Financial Services Director: Bill Lenardson 608-791-8312
Regional Production Director: Bob Schaller 608-791-8313


Newsroom / Editorial
Contact the Newsroom by e-mail at

The La Crosse Tribune Newsroom department should be contacted regarding stories in the La Crosse Tribune. Each section's main page contains a direct contact link regarding stories in that section (use the 'contact us' link in the tools along the left-hand side of the page). In addition, you may use the list below for email addresses and phone numbers.

Obituary Desk Contact
Call Obituary Desk: (608) 791-8430
Newsroom / Editorial Staff
Executive Editor: Chris Hardie 608-791-8223
City Editor: Marc Wehrs 608-791-8232
Sports Editor: Jeff Brown 608-791-8202
Opinion/Features Editor: Scott Rada 608-791-8343
Cops/Courts Reporter: Anne Jungen 608-791-8224
General Assignment Reporter: Chris Hubbuch 608-791-8217
Government Reporter: Betsy Bloom 608-791-8236
Education Reporter: Patrick Anderson 608-791-8226
Reporter: Mike Tighe 608-791-8446
Reporter: Allison Geyer 608-791-8229

The La Crosse Tribune Sports department should be contacted regarding stories in the sports-related sections of the La Crosse Tribune. These sections include Sports, High School Sports, Outdoors, Golf and Racing. Each section's main page contains a direct contact link regarding stories in that section (use the 'contact us' link in the tools along the left-hand side of the page). In addition, you may use the list below for email addresses and phone numbers.
Sports Desk: 608-791-8315
Sports Editor: Jeff Brown 608-791-8403
Assistant Sports Editor: Todd Sommerfeldt 608-791-8208
Assistant Sports Editor: John Casper 608-791-8429
Sports Reporter: David Griswold 608-791-8414

The La Crosse Tribune Photography department can be contacted regarding reprints of photos appearing the La Crosse Tribune or
Photo Desk
Photo desk: contact by e-mail 608-791-8233
Photo Editor: Erik Daily 608-791-8233
Photographer: Peter Thomson 608-791-8233
Photographer: Rory O'Driscoll 608-791-8233

Retail Advertising
The La Crosse Tribune Retail Advertising department should be contacted regarding your advertising and image-building needs. We offer a wide variety of services, and the ability to target an audience appropriate to your needs.
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday
Regional Advertising Director: Steve Furuta 608-791-8302
Senior Retail Sales Manager : Lisa Faulkner 608-791-8300
Advertising Manager: Paul Pehler 608-791-8322
Regional Digital Advertising Manager : Nic Breidel 608-791-8293
Digital Production Director : Robin Noth 608-791-8331

Classified Advertising
The La Crosse Tribune Classifieds department is responsible for producing the best and most widely-used resource for filling the employment, automotive and merchandise needs in the La Crosse area.

Hours: 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday
Contact Classified PH: 608-785-7355 FAX: 608-791-8238
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The La Crosse Tribune Circulation department is responsible for the fulfillment of our subscriptions, retailer and rack distribution. Contact us with the information below.

Contact by e-mail (Please include your phone number and/or street address in your e-mail)
Start a Subscription: 608-782-2400
Circulation Delivery Problems 608-782-2400
Circulation FAX: 608-791-8230

New Media / Internet Development
The La Crosse Tribune New Media/Internet Development department develops and maintains, and other related sites. Advertising and awareness opportunities are available using the links and phone numbers below.

Regional Webmaster, Internet Development: Eric Roellig 608-791-8295
For e-edition and subscription problems please call 1-866-735-5631
Online Ad Designer: Jeremy Harnisch 608-791-8246


This newspapers uses the telephone as one important way to stay in contact with our customers and our potential customers in the community. Because a good relationship with the community is necessary ingredient of our success, and in keeping with state and federal laws, it is the policy of this newspaper that we will not make sales-related telephone calls to any person who has indicated a desire not to receive such calls. This includes those who have registered with state or federal "Do Not Call lists," as well as those who have previously told us directly that they do not wish to receive such calls.

La Crosse Tribune may at times offer subscription opportunities or solicit prospective customers by calling on private residences.

You may make a request to be added to our Do Not Call list in writing or by telephone. All requests should include your name, address and telephone number. Written requests should be mailed to: La Crosse Tribune, Attn: Do Not Call Coordinator, 401 3rd St. N., La Crosse, WI 54601. Your telephone number will remain on our Do Not Call list for five years unless you specify otherwise. Of course, if your telephone number changes, you must give us your new number if you want your "Do Not Call" status to remain in effect.

Please keep in mind that regulations may permit La Crosse Tribune to contact you even if your telephone number is registered with your state or the national list. For instance, if you were a subscriber to La Crosse Tribune in the past 18 months, we may contact you to inform you of a subscription opportunity even if your telephone number is on the state or national "do not call" list. We like to remind customers as a service that their subscriptions are expiring and to offer special advertising opportunities to selected customers.