The dark days of America continue on.

President Donald Trump has been in office six months now and we see our country still spinning in circles searching for a positive direction to move in.

The angry and insulting tweets, the disorganized White House policies, and an insistence to keep looking back to undo President Obama's past unifying work leaves our country in a state of unrest.

The lack of Republican leadership in Congress to look out for the best of all, not just some Americans, has also dragged our country down. The lack of respect our president gives to so many of our country, and the planet we share with the world, is affecting our opportunities to build a strong common future of hope and help.

The overall negative tone of his actions keeps pulling us deeper into his dark swamp. The recent weakening of our ties to the international community also keeps America from being the leading symbol of peace and freedom that we have willingly taken on through the years. That's been hard to see.

It will take a growing grassroots effort of our citizens to speak for the ideals of freedom and fairness for all to get the attention of our state and national lawmakers to look at our country as a whole. They will then need to stand up to President Trump to lead him to do likewise. Until then, we will struggle.

We can be so much more than what we are now.

Kevin Baird



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