Street improvements to Mark and Yulon Street are nearing completion this month said Public Works Director Scott Halbrucker Monday.

“Work on Mark Street is going well,” he said.

A water main break along Mark Street late last month won’t stop Mathy Construction from completing the project by the end of August.

The project was originally scheduled to be completed in late July, but the project was delayed a week by a gas main that needed to be moved to accommodate the larger storm water basins being installed.

The date has now been pushed back to prevent damage to the road by heavy equipment being used on the West Salem Middle School restoration project.

West Salem Superintendent Troy Gunderson said Mathy, the company hired to complete both the village and school district paving projects, is now coordinating the village and school district.

He said if a compromise hadn’t been found, it would have put the school district at least two weeks behind.

Halbrucker said because Mark Street was a federally funded project, they needed to get permission to hold off on paving the road.

It also allowed Mathy Construction to synchronize work on the school’s new parking lots with the road project.

Yulon Street now has a fresh layer of asphalt covering it’s surface, but the project isn’t done yet.

The final leveling coat isn’t scheduled to go in until next spring; however, it could be completed sometime this fall depending on the weather.

Until then, Halbrucker warned road will be about 1.5 inches lower than normal, which may cause some standing water to collect on the road until it can spill over on to the curbs.

Halbrucker said mailboxes which were moved during construction will be put back up later this month.


Tobias Mann is a reporter with the River Valley Media Group. He can be reached at or at 608-791-8216.

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