The city of Onalaska is in the process of pursuing legal action for having to rebuild the roof of its newest waterfront renovation.

The $2.4 million Great River Landing project on Second Avenue and Main Street was open for visitors in January, but by June Wieser Brothers and Interstate Roofing trucks were back out on the site tearing apart the roof because of unexpected damage and leakage.

City staff have called the work a “warranty issue,” and declined further comment.

Onalaska’s Common Council discussed litigation during closed session Tuesday night, but didn’t go back into open session to take any action on the topic. Alderman Gerry Every opposed going into closed session.

The reroofing is still underway.

Clearwater Farms

Onalaska’s Common Council approved a motion Tuesday night to allow Clearwater Farms to operate five beehives: enough bees to survive the winter and provide educational opportunities at their summer programs.

The approval means the city considers beekeeping at the farm a “nonsubstantial” change to the zoning code. This makes beekeeping an outright permitted use in the Greens Coulee Planned Unit Development moving forward.

Old Country Buffet

The Old Country Buffet property off of Highway 16 will soon have two businesses in its place—one retail and the other food.

The identity of those businesses is still unknown, but property owner Colin Klos of MBA Architects said he has two national-level chain stores interested.

Onalaska’s Council approved of the city rezoning the lot into two parcels to facilitate this move.

Lake Onalaska

The city of Onalaska will pay $20,000 to slash trees in between the waysides on Hwy. 35 for a better viewing experience of Lake Onalaska, the spillway and the Black River.


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