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Online Firearms & Sporting Goods Auction

Lots WiLL Begin CLosing – Monday FeBruary 19th at 6:00 PM

Inspection: Friday February 9th – Monday February 19th; Weekdays
8AM – 5PM, Saturdays, 8AM – Noon.
Auction Location: Smith Auctions – 2231 US HWY 12 Baldwin, WI, 54002

*Several NEW In Box Firearms*

Rifles: NEW Anderson MFG AR15 stripped lower; CJA SKS, 7.62x39; NEW
Del-Ton AR15, .223; NEW H&R Handi Rifle, .223; NEW H&R SB2, .243; NEW
Henry Golden Boy, .22; NEW Henry Monument Valley, .22; NEW Henry US
Survival, .22; NEW Hi-Point Carbine, .40; Marlin 60, .22; NEW Mossberg ATR,
.30-06; Mossberg 715T, .22; PW Arms SKS, 7.62x39; NEW Ruger 10/22 Gator,
.22; NEW Ruger 10/22 Takedown, .22; NEW Ruger American, .308; NEW Ruger
American, .270; NEW Ruger M77 Hawkeye, 7mm mag; NEW Ruger No. 1,
.270; Remington 700 Custom, 6.5mmx.284; Remington 700 XCR II, .338RUM;
Savage 24C, .22/20ga; NEW Savage Axis, 7mm-08; NEW Savage 64, .22; NEW
Savage 16, .204; Springfield 83, .22; Springfield 56, .22.
Handguns: NEW ATI FXH45, .45; NEW Browning 1911-380, .380; Browning
Medalist, .22; NEW Glock 26, 9mm; NEW Glock 19, 9mm; NEW Glock 17,
9mm; NEW Heritage Rough Rider, .22; High Standard Dura-Matic, .22; NEW Hi
Point JHP, .45; NEW North American Arms Sidewinder, .22; NEW Ruger 22/45,
.22; NEW Ruger American, .45; NEW Ruger LCR, .357; NEW Ruger LC9S, 9mm;
NEW Ruger LCP, .380; NEW Ruger SR1911R, .45; NEW SAR B6P, 9mm; NEW
SCCY CPX1, 9mm; NEW SCCY CPX2, 9mm; NEW Sig Sauer P239, .40; NEW
Sig Sauer P228, 9mm; NEW Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard, .380; NEW Smith
& Wesson M&P Shield, .40; NEW Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm; NEW
Smith & Wesson 638-3, .38; Smith & Wesson 629-6, .44mag; NEW Smith &
Wesson 617-6, .22; NEW Smith & Wesson 317-3, .22; Smith & Wesson 60-14,
.357; Springfield XD45, .45; NEW Springfield XD Tactical, .45; NEW Springfield
XDM, .40; NEW Springfield XDS, .45; NEW Springfield XDS, 9mm; NEW Smith
& Wesson SD40VE, .40; NEW Taurus M85, .38; NEW Taurus PT709 Slim, 9mm;
NEW Taurus PT111, 9mm; NEW Taurus Public Defender, .45/.410; NEW Taurus
Tracker, .357; Thompson Center Contender, .30-30.
Shotguns: Beretta AL2, 12ga; Mossberg 695, 12ga; NEW Mossberg 590A1,
12ga; NEW Mossberg 500, 12ga; Mossberg 485A, 20ga; NEW SDS Imports
Cheetah, 12ga; NEW Winchester SXP, 12ga; Winchester 120, 12ga.
**Much more: Eskimo ice fishing shelters; MANY lots of reloading items; archery
gear; hunting gear; many lots of ammunition; fishing gear; optics & more.**

FOR INFORMATION: CaLL 715-684-4087
or eMaiL inFo@sMith-saLes.CoM


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