Heart of La Crosse is back with its annual fall homage to all things quirky. So expect a pandemic of swine flu jokes and jabs at La Crosse's young mayor.

Director Jim Warsinke said the show's title, "Swine Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest (or) It's 9 p.m., Do You Know Where Your Mayor Is?" continues the troupe's tradition of using two titles. "We still don't know why we do it, but it gives us a chance to get two jokes in, so we're cool with it."

The show opens Thursday, Sept. 3, at the Pump House and Warsinske said the troupe is happy to be back there.

"We love it there! It's a great, historic, classy place to have a show, and they serve alcohol, which only helps make us funnier!"

Warsinske said the show has lots of music, including a musical finale that is a memorial tribute to a pop culture icon. There also are songs about elective surgery and motorized lawn tools.

Among topics the troupe is likely to comically skewer:

Why is it that banks are asking for money? Can't they sell all those toasters?

Just how fast are those sex offenders anyway?

Has anyone seen the Mayor's birth certificate?

The troupe also will be performing improv, with input from the audience.

"It's different, yet still the same wacky fun," he said.

And cast members Brad Williams and Bret Emmel will make up songs on the spot.

And making a return to report all the news that's not will be the 819 news team: How can we make the Myrick-Hixon EcoPark safer for bears? Will the Mayor have to give up his newspaper route?

Fan favorite Gladys returns with a sassy new outfit, and if you want your own sassy outfit, the troupe has made T-shirts, which they'll be selling at the Pump House, Wine Guyz, Grounded Specialty Coffee House and the Children's Museum.

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