La Crescent Animal Rescue is seeking volunteers and donations to help with its mission to provide shelter to rescued cats and dogs.

The non-profit provides food, shelter and medical care for the roughly 90 to 100 cats and 45 to 50 dogs that are rescued annually within the City of La Crescent, according to member Pat Zander.

La Crescent Animal Rescue is a “no kill” shelter and receives funding through and the city of La Crescent, volunteer fundraising events, adoption or surrenders and public donations.

The group’s major expenses come from the cost of veterinary care. The monthly veterinary cost of care paid by La Crescent Animal Rescue ranges from $1,200 to $3,000 as all animals are spayed/neutered, immunized, and treated for any known condition before they are placed up for adoption. Other monthly expenses include cat litter, cleaning supplies, and cat and dog food.

To become a member of La Crescent Animal rescue, individuals must have had a minimum of 75 documented hours of service or $1000 in donations to in the prior year.

Hours are earned by working at the shelter, fostering animals, transporting animals to and from the veterinarian, participating in meetings and participating in fundraising activities. La Crescent Animal Rescue also welcomes volunteers who are involved on an occasional or infrequent basis, Zander notes.

La Crescent Animal Rescue is governed by a five member board. One of the directors is appointed by the La Crescent City Council. The remaining four positions are the president, vice-president, and two at large members who are elected by the members.

To serve on the board an individual must be a member or volunteer as described above, must be a resident of the City of La Crescent, and must be present at ten of the twelve regularly scheduled meetings and all special meetings. Regular board meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the La Crescent Public Library conference room.

There are also six committees that are involved with the different aspects of the organization and are responsible for writing the policies and procedures that determine how the shelter is run.

“La Crescent Animal Rescue needs your help,” Zander stated. “We invite you to become a volunteer at the shelter; to become a volunteer for fundraising events; to attend the monthly board meetings where you are welcome to make your ideas/thoughts known; to serve on a committee or two; to become a foster parent or adopter; to run for election as a board member; and last, but not least, to become a donor to either the general fund or the endowment fund through direct giving or in memory of a loved one or friend you have lost.”

Contact La Crescent Animal Rescue at , on Facebook or Pet or call (507) 895-2066 for more information. The shelter is located at 523 S Chestnut, La Crescent.


Coulee Courier and Houston County News editor

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