The new year is coming. The people of God continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the days are getting longer. There is a spirit of hope present in our world that flows from the gift of God’s love. The Child of Bethlehem brings the good news that all things are possible for God. Even the most difficult of situations find healing in the love of the Lord.

New beginnings provide us an opportunity to become better people. With God’s mercy, there is always a new beginning. Each day provides us an opportunity to embrace the gift of God’s love in a new and life-giving way.

New Year’s resolutions can be a good beginning. Many resolutions, however, go unfulfilled. Good intentions don’t always mean success in life.

As we look forward toward the new year, a good resolution would be to continue to embrace the Child of Bethlehem and the love God brings to his people every day. Look with a spirit of hope towards others and remain positive in word and action. Build up the Kingdom of God by building up the hearts and spirits of others. Set aside negative and destructive words. May we always work to build up the Kingdom of God. May we choose to work for unity rather than division and peace instead of anger.

May this new year bring a year of favor from our God and peace to our hearts, families, and world.