Stories are a wonderful way of teaching. Jesus was a story-teller and through those stories we learn about God’s mercy and love.

Families share the stories of grandparents and others with their children. These stories introduce their children to people that they may never meet and give to them a sense of connectedness and belonging. The stories of our lives are important to share.

A while ago a woman asked me why we celebrate the feast days of saints. I shared with her that their stories are important. Saints are men and women who have lived on this earth, faced the joys and struggles of life like us, and who now share in eternal life with God. The stories of their lives unite us as a family of God and can give us courage and hope when we also face difficult times. Their stories can help to inspire us to holiness of life.

This past week we celebrated the Fast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. Much has been written about St. Francis and the story of his life. His faith in God has inspired many people. St. Francis had a great love for God, God’s people especially the poor, and a great love of creation. He saw creation as a gift from God.

May the life of St. Francis and all the saints help us to grow closer to the Lord, reach out in love to care for one another, and inspire us to be good caretakers of creation.


Jennifer McBride is managing editor of the River Valley Media Group's weekly division. Contact her at 608-637-5611.

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