Preschool and kindergarten students from Crucifixion Elementary School celebrated the school’s thirteenth annual Thanksgiving feast last Friday.

After the students delivered a dazzling rendition of the turkey tango, they then served and ate with their parents at cafeteria tables decked out with with fall-themed decorations. Students made their own garments for the occasion, with preschoolers inspired by Native Americans and kindergarteners dressed as pilgrims.

Kindergarten teacher Janine Ausdemore said the students learned about what the Native Americans and pilgrims ate together on Thanksgiving, and tried to replicate some of those foods in their feast.

“It wasn’t mash potatoes and all the stuff we see now,” said Ausdemore. “They ate more of things like deer and stew.”

With oversight from their teachers, students worked last week and the morning of the event to prepare vegetables that went into the stew, which was served alongside cornbread and pumpkin pie. Ausdemore said the pie was inspired by the pumpkin pudding they ate on the first Thanksgiving.

Principal Doug Harpenau said it was a special sight to see the preschool and kindergartners lined up cutting vegetables on Friday morning before the gathering.

At the end of the head table, preschooler Isabella Thorson was offering to perform an encore of the turkey tango, after posing for some photos taken by the school yearbook staff. Next to Isabella was her dad, Niels, who this year will be observing his seventh Thanksgiving in America after arriving from Denmark. In his lap was Isabella’s three-year old sister, Olivia, partaking in small a feast of her own.

For preschooler Cecelia Fitts, true delight came from serving pumpkin pie to the parents. Fitts made trip after trip back to the desert table in her Thanksgiving garb, and still found enough time to nestle by her mom, Margaret, to share a piece of their own.


Houston County News reporter

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