Houston County will soon benefit from two new pup trailers after the county board approved the highway department’s purchase request.

Along with the highway department equipment update, the Houston County Board of Commissioners also approved the appointment of Nathan Smith as a sheriff’s office investigator and the appointment of Chad Ready as a sheriff’s office jailer at the Aug. 1 meeting.

Although the trailers newness only applies to the county—the two pup trailers are a 1995 Mar Tech Pup Dump Trailer and an unspecified year’s pup dump trailer with a new box—they will replace the county’s current 1967 and 1969 models.

Pup trailers are short semi-trailers that are usually between 26-and 32-feet long. The trailers are used extensively in the summer to haul sand and rock.

“This winter during inspections it turns out that the 1967 pup trailer is no longer Department of Transportation certified,” said Brian Pogodzinski, Houston County Highway Department Engineer.

Although the purchase is worth $17,000, the highway department will exchange its two current pup trailers to Zenke Auction and Realty Inc. for a trade-in allowance of $5,000. The total cost of the exchange will be $12,000.

The highway department’s $11,887 road patching project was also approved by the board.

There will be four road patching projects done on Hwy. 27 and one on Hwy. 12 by Dunn Blacktop Company of Winona.

In Other News

Nathan Smith’s appointment to investigator was approved by the board. Due to a disagreement between Sheriff Mark Inglett and the county’s local law enforcement union over interpretation of a contract, Smith will be retroactively classified as an investigator starting on June 26, 2017.

Chad Ready’s switch from probationary jailer and dispatcher to jailer and dispatcher was approved by the board. Ready was hired August 2016.

Commissioner Fred Arnold presented the Houston County Fair Board Building Committee’s updated plans once again. The committee is now pushing to construct one building to house sheep, goats and hogs in the next year. It would be found at the old sheep barn’s location. The current hog building would be torn down, as well.

Over the past few months, the fair board has looked at re-configuring the Houston County Fair’s animal display barns. This new change, comes after the July 18 board meeting announcement that the committee was exploring four separate buildings.


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