The La Crescent Public Library is about to help make internet safety easier to understand.

“Awhile back a Girl Scout leader came in and asked us to do an internet security presentation for the troop,” La Crescent Public Library Assistant Kristin Boeshans said. “After we did it we decided that it would be a good presentation to open up to the community.”

With help from Southeastern Libraries cooperating user technology manager Michael Flores, the duo have created a presentation for those who may not find internet safety information accessible.

Flores has presented on internet safety throughout the region.

“The presentation is geared toward those who don’t understand technical jargon,” Boeshans said. “I’m definitely not tech savvy but I think it’s important to learn about your internet security. I had some interesting revelations during my research. Apps on your phone can track your spending habits and there are not many cohesive comprehensive laws in the United States that help.”

Boeshans has found that the ethical argument behind internet safety to be just as interesting as the safety measures.

“The presentation is about helping people learn about the topic and then take the steps to protect themselves,” she said. “It’s a question between convenience and security.”

The presenters’ hope is that the series will become a semi-periodical occurrence.

“I called this one Internet Security 2.0 because we did some earlier presentations that mostly focused on data collection and looking outside of your device. This one will be more about what is happening within the system and what companies are doing with your information,” Boeshans said.

Volunteers run the series.


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