The Minnesota State Fair began this week. People from every corner of Minnesota are coming together to celebrate the very best of our state. During these troubled times in our country, the state fair reminds us that there is much more that unites us than divides us. It truly is the “Great Minnesota Get Together.”

Undoubtedly, the biggest draw of the Minnesota State Fair is the food. And the food itself celebrates the rich diversity that defines our state. Ice cream cones come courtesy of our state’s hard-working dairy farmers. Tater tot hotdish on a stick evokes memories of dinner at Grandma’s house. Pork belly burgers, Spam sushi, and corn-filled wontons are a delicious testament to Minnesota’s immigrant communities and the cultural fusion that makes up the fabric of our state.

The incredible performances at the fair also highlight how we all contribute to Minnesota’s culture. From lumberjack log rolling competitions to West African drum performances to goat milking demonstrations, the fair captures just about every slice of Minnesota’s diverse cultural scene. It’s an amazing showcase of the rich patchwork that defines what it means to be Minnesotan.

Above all, the people watching at the fair demonstrates just how much we have in common. Who hasn’t sat on a bench to eat something on a stick and been amazed by all the people who walk by? Working parents take time off to enjoy the state fair with their children; young couples go down the giant slide; 4-Hers take a nap next to their cattle; veterans are honored as they proudly march in a parade; and groups happily pass around buckets of chocolate chip cookies. We are all at the fair for the same reason: to enjoy the food, the lights, the rides, and the sense of togetherness as we bid goodbye to yet another summer.

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party booth has a brand new look this year that celebrates this sense of togetherness. It is open and welcoming—just like our party! It showcases the DFL’s values that truly are Minnesotan values. Please stop by to check out the new booth and talk with our elected officials about how they are working to improve opportunities for every Minnesotan.

Last year, the Minnesota State Fair set the highest attendance record in its history at 1,943,719 people. At a time when division feels rampant, let’s break this record. Let’s celebrate all that we have in common. Let’s prove just how united we are as Minnesotans—even if that means saying yes to “just one more” mini-donut.

Ken Martin is the chairman of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party.