As the Lancer Strong levy support group has gotten the word out about the Nov. 7 election, you might've heard the phrase "Strong schools, strong communities."

While that is true, might I also suggest that healthy schools lead to healthy communities. Schools are the backbone of communities like La Crescent and Hokah, and to what extent a city flourishes is dependent on the health of the school district. As families consider where to live, a significant factor is the quality of education. Where we sit, there are several quality districts within 20 miles.

In recent years, La Crescent-Hokah has been forced to cut its budget, and though administrators have done what they could to keep those cuts from reaching the classroom, curriculum hasn't gone unscathed. Should the referendum fail, the school board will again be faced with hard choices. But if district residents decide to invest in their school system, and in turn, the children in the community, the choices the board might consider may be around which classes to add back. The choices new and young families have when considering where to school their children could include La Crescent-Hokah.

Let's make La Crescent and Hokah attractive choices for young families. Let's build a school system that not only provides our students with the type of education they'll need to succeed in a complex world, but one that people speak positive words about and choose to be a part of. What better investment is there than in the future of a child?

Ryan Henry, La Crescent