Since January, La Crescent Blandin Community Leadership volunteers have focused on ways to engage senior citizens with an eye toward enhancing their contributions and quality of life in La Crescent. This group gathered data from approximately 80 individual interviews and to follow-up meetings which included additional community members.

At the meetings, seniors were asked to identify the most significant concerns for La Crescent seniors. Rising to the top of the multiple concerns identified were the following priorities: affordable housing; services that support seniors in their homes; transportation concerns; and methods and ways for improved communication.

What are the next steps? The Blandin group will dialogue with seniors in any other group or organization that could be a partner in addressing seniors’concerns. It is noted that to accomplish certain of the more complex desired outcomes, it is essential that partnerships be forged with existing community organizations and individuals.

The goal of this project is to tackle one or more of the identified concerns within action plan(s). To accomplish this, the Blandin group seeks individuals and organizations who have an interest in and/or knowledge of one of the major concerns and are willing to contribute their time and talent in developing and executing a workable action plan. Anyone with an interest in enriching the lives of senior citizens in our community is asked to get involved. Contact Ruth Berns for more information via email. or

Jerry Berns,

Blandin Senior Group


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