There are turning points that define a community.

In 2007, some in the La Crescent-Hokah area faced severe life-threatening flooding. Because of planning, investment and training over the years, we had skilled police and fire departments to help those in need. Not everyone was personally affected, but we all knew someone who was, and we understood we needed to pull together and help each other out.

Now, we have another major issue affecting the strength and health of our communities. We need to support our La Crescent-Hokah schools by voting yes for the Learning Levy Nov. 7. This is not a vote for a building. This levy provide dollars for day-to-day operating costs and will help stop the major cuts we have seen for more than five years.

If you don’t have kids, or if your kids are grown and gone, you may think this levy doesn’t affect you and you can ignore the need, but every one of these school kids is your neighbor and they need your support.

Whether it is a flood, a major illness, meals from the food shelf or some other need, La Crescent-Hokah has come together when it is needed most. We need to show the same thoughtful planning and investment in our schools that we invest in our police and fire services. Let’s take care of our neighbors. Vote yes on Nov. 7 for strong schools and strong communities.

Teresa O'Donnell-Ebner,

La Crescent


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