To all that serve and protect us: There comes a time that a community must recognize that police, fire fighters, first responders, etc., frequently are put in harms way by “just doing their jobs.”

There comes a time that your spouse, children and family members should pause and consider that the risks you take daily in “doing your job” may change not only your life but the lives of the people that love you.

There comes a time that the community that you serve must recognize that “your job” is what makes our region a safe place to live, work and play. There comes a time that the home, apartment or rental unit that we live in is made safe because of people doing their job.

There comes a time to recognize that when we gather in a government building, a sports arena, a church, school or any other assumed safe place, you are the reason that it is safe. There comes a time when we must recognize that if something happens in one of those safe places, you will run in to protect and save us while you direct and help us to escape.

There comes a time to acknowledge the “job” police officers, their auxiliary helpers, first responders, fire fighters and all the others that come to our aid in times of need. There comes a time to say thank you. Why not now?

Steve Mau, La Crescent.