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Here we go again.

Seventeen dead. Fifteen wounded. Untold numbers scarred forever. The weapon of choice: An AR-15 semiautomatic rifle.

Our response: The president, politicians, preachers and many individuals will send condolences and prayers. The NRA will immediately take a defensive stand and say you cannot blame the gun for the actions of a mad man and we must protect the Second Amendment. Many will want to step back, take time and gather facts.

I am not against prayer; people gathering to mourn; nor am I against gun ownership. I just happen to be against mass killing and the all too frequent use of guns for bad reasons.

Politicians of both parties will check the polls to see if they can symbolically suggest something that sounds good, but they know will be delayed in committee and never be debated or brought to a vote. And of course they must be sure that whatever is suggested will not prevent them from getting adequate funding for their next re-election.

I am going to make a revolutionary suggestion on the one group that could unite politicians and actually bring reasonable change and address the situation. The NRA.

I trust that NRA membership does not want these violent acts to take place and some may have lost family or friends in the carnage. I also hope and assume the majority of NRA members don’t consider the deaths in Florida as acceptable “collateral damage” for the right to bare arms.

That’s right NRA. If there is no response you are Not Real Alert to what is happening or maybe you just don’t give a damn.

Steve Mau, La Crescent.


Coulee Courier and Houston County News editor

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