Vintage base ball players from Afton, Madison and La Crescent thank each other Saturday for a great match in La Crescent.

Bill Ohm photo

“That’s what the top of the ninth inning should be”, said Jason “Weasel” Pericak after the Apple Jacks scored four runs in the top of the ninth to clinch a 9-4 victory over the Capital City Ball Club of Madison last Saturday at Abnet Field.

The game was the second of the day for the Jacks. In the opener, they played the Afton Red Socks to a ten inning 7-7 tie. That game would have continued except that a time limit had been set on the games played that day.

This tie game was as exciting as the previous week’s extra inning match in Rochester. The Red Socks took a 1-0 lead in the bottom of the first, the Jacks scored four in the fifth to go up 4-1, the Red Socks came back with three in the sixth to tie the game. The Jacks tallied three aces in the seventh and the Socks scored one, Jacks up 7-5. Alas, the Socks scored two in the bottom of the ninth to send the game into extra innings. Neither team scored in the tenth.

Joel “Hefty” Affeldt and Gary “Big Weas” Pericak shared the pitching duties for the day. They pitched alternate innings in each game.

In spite of only scoring 16 runs on the day, the Jacks reached base quite a few times. Weasel was on eight times, and Joe “Roadrunner” Schmida and Connor “Coyote” Knerzer made it seven times each. Eric “Stretch” Deetz, Dan “Skunk” Deetz and Mike “Mickey” Jaquette made it five times; Samuel “Roundabout” Deetz, Scott “Roman” Pechacek, Kevin “Hurricane” Knerzer, Milt “Huh” Schmida and Jon “Numbers” Jones three times; Big Weas and Steve “Whitey” Geronime twice; and Hefty, Benjamin “George” Deetz, Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm and Paul “Swiss” Geronime once.

All games were played under the watchful eye of our local arbiter Peter “Prince Peter” Petersille. Score keeping was done by Joan “Lady Joan” Ohm.

Injuries, which are as rare as hen’s teeth, took a toll on the Apple Jacks this day. Two thumbs (Whitey and Roundabout), one finger (Roman) and a shoulder (Roadrunner) caused all but Whitey to miss the last game. Whitey played for the Mad Caps in the nightcap and reached base safely another two times. Both Roundabout and Roman went to the hospital to be checked out. It was unknown at press time when Roman, Roadrunner and Roundabout will return to action. Theron “Hippo” Schultz of the Mad Caps also had to leave the last game because of a hip problem.

The Apple Jacks and over 30 other vintage base ball players travel to Dyersville, Iowa, next Saturday night to play at the Field of Dreams Movie Set. Neither the Jacks, nor any of the other teams represented will play as their regular team, rather players will be distributed over four new teams. Each of these new teams will play three games. It is intended to be a fun night at a magical location. All games will, of course, be played by the rules of 1860.

If you would like to join the Apple Jacks on the field, kindly call Captain Joel “Hefty” Affeldt at 608-769-1782 or Captain Emeritus Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm at 507-895-6912 for more details.

The Apple Jacks Base Ball Club is a community outreach program of the La Crescent Area Historical Society and respectfully acknowledges its eminent corporate sponsor, Merchants Bank- La Crescent.


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