As the Apple Jacks Base Ball Club plays by the base ball rules of 1860, it seemed appropriate that they and their advisories shared billing at the Olmsted County Historical Center last Saturday with Civil War reenactors.

The reenactors staged a portion of the 1862 Battle of Perryville, Kentucky.

Perhaps it was the anticipation of seeing the soldiers and President Abraham and Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln that caused the Jacks low run production. The Roosters of Olmsted County defeated the Jacks in the first game 10-1 and the Menomonie, Wisconsin, Blue Caps took the second 5-1.

After the second game, the Civil War battle took place. When asked how we were doing at the battle, President Lincoln, who was there as an observer, replied “ It is difficult to tell.” For the record, the actual three-day battle resulted in a strategic Union victory.

While the Jacks did not get any strategic victories, a good time was had by all. Both of the day’s runs were scored by Scott “Roman” Pechacek.

Gary “Big Wease” Pericak pitched the first game before sharing the duties with Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm in the second game.

Defensive highlight of the day occurred in the second game when second baseman Samuel “Roundabout” Deetz going to his left made a bare-handed (because base ball gloves had not been invented by 1860), left-handed stab of a line drive to deprive the Blue Cap striker of a sure hit.

Reaching base five times on the day were Benjamin “George” Deetz, Big Wease and Ho-hum. Four time base runners were Paul “Swiss” Geronime and Jason “Weasel” Pericak. Three timers were Andy “Ziggy” Johnson, Roman, Jim “Red” Johnson and Dan “Skunk” Deetz. Roundabout got on twice and John “Rook” Wilke and Joel Hefty” Affeldt each reached base once.

The Apple Jacks next games are Saturday, July 22, in Stillwater to play the Arlington Greys and the St. Croix Base Ball Club.

If you would like to join the Apple Jacks on the field, kindly call Captain Joel “Hefty” Affeldt at 608-769-1782 or Captain Emeritus Bill “Ho-hum” Ohm at 507-895-6912 for more details.