Plans for a potential drawdown of Lake Arbutus in the works

Lake Arbutus will be seeing a drawdown this summer to repair the dam in Black River Falls.

Black River Partners plans to draw down Lake Arbutus this summer to repair the damage to the Black River Falls dam from recent flooding.

Tourism is a big part of the Jackson County economy and drawing down a lake that’s a popular camping destination can have a severe impact.

Jon Schweitzer, assistant administrator with the forestry and parks department for Jackson County, said any draw down cuts into the camping revenue.

“We offer discounts when it happens to try and bring people in, but some people just don’t come back,” Schweitzer said.

The Black River Partners, who own a dam that would effect Lake Arbutus, are taking that into consideration.

Schweitzer said they have been in communication with the Partners and any drawdown would be likely to occur after peak tourist season to minimize impact.

The Black River Partners are currently waiting to hear back from the Federal Regulatory Energy Commission to make sure they can move forward with the plans.


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