Speaking up for agriculture

Justin and Darci Daniels of Hixton receive the Speak Up for Agriculture Award from Brooke Bechen of The Country Today. The Daniels also were selected runner-up for Outstanding Young Farmer in Wisconsin.

Justin and Darci Daniels of Hixton were big winners at Saturday's Wisconsin Outstanding Young Farmer awards event in Watertown, Wis.

They won the “Speak up for Agriculture” award and were runner-up for Outstanding Young Farmer.

The Daniels milk 40 Holsteins and 13 Brown Swiss. They operate 131 acres of which 100 are tillable.

They were sponsored by Compeer Financial, Osseo Vet Clinic, Federation Co-op and Origin Repro Services.

Andy Fisher of Reedsville won Outstanding Young Farmer. He is in a partnership in Riverside Dairy.

Outstanding Young Farmers is a national program that strives to:

• Foster better rural-urban relations through the understanding of farmers challenges, as well as the appreciation of their contributions and achievements.

• Bring about a greater interest in farmers and ranchers

• Build an urban awareness of the farmers’ importance and impact on America’s economy


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