Francisco J. Anchondo, Racine, fail to complete registration as required (bear, deer, sharp-tailed grouse or turkey), $343.50 fine.

Glover Banks, Milwaukee, theft (moveable property less than $2,500), $395.25 fine.

Adam Nolan Brandt, Sparta, Michigan, first offense OWI, DOT license revoked seven months, ignition interlock, alcohol assessment and $937.50 fine.

Terrell Monique Funmaker, Black River Falls, public defecation/urination, $326.50 fine.

Jonathan J. Harris, Sauk Village, Illinois, speeding (25-29 mph over), DOT license suspended 15 days and $301.30 fine.

Timothy Lee Jones, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, violate absolute sobriety law, DOT license suspended three months and $389.50 fine.

William A. Kitelinger, Holmen, possession of marijuana, $389.50 fine.

Heather Cae Lee, Fairchild, operating with PAC greater than 0.08 (first offense), DOT license revoked six months, alcohol assessment and $937.50 fine.

Selina Rae Littlewolf, Hixton, operate motor vehicle without owner’s consent, $389.50 fine.

Terry D. Mcherron, Chicago, operate with restricted controlled substance, DOT license revoked six months, alcohol assessment and $937.50 fine.

Jason Eric Sparkman, Chippewa Falls, place, use, hunt wild animals with bait (less than five gallons), $343.50.


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