A few miscounted ballots had been discovered as the 2016 presidential recount in Jackson County neared completion Monday.

County Clerk Kyle Deno said the recount was going smoothly.

“Our counts are pretty much accurate,” she said. “What has changed is something to do with hand-counted paper ballots.”

She admitted there had been a few hiccups. Trouble with the touchscreen voting machines and paper ballots slowed things down and revealed a few miscounted votes.

Deno said poll workers did discover a missed vote for Donald Trump, and two for Hillary Clinton. All three were hand-counted paper ballots.

She said these discrepancies may have been due to paper ballots that should have been rejected but were not.

Deno said in a few rare cases voters selected a presidential candidate, either for Clinton or Trump and then wrote in another candidate. As a result, a vote of Clinton or Trump was recorded, when the ballot should have been rejected.

These ballots have since been updated to reflect a write-in vote.

The county also discovered 30 ballots which were counted on election night, could not be accounted for during the recount.

These ballots originated from touchscreen voting machines in two municipalities. Because these ballots are stored digitally in the machines, the county was able to recreate them.

She said no irregularities or miscounted votes were discovered.

The recount should be finished shortly.


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