Jackson County has received a 50 percent matching grant from the state of Wisconsin to add a dock to the boat landing on the Indian Creek Flowage in the town of Bear Bluff.

“It’s kind of hard to land your boat out there because once you push it off in the water, there is really no way of stepping from the shore to jump onto your boat. At one time somebody put a homemade dock out there, but the ice tore it apart and stuff so it didn’t really serve the purpose,” Jackson County Forestry and Parks Administrator James Zahasky said.

The county put a road to the flowage about 15 years ago and have been putting gravel down over the years.

“The boat landing is already there. It is a rustic boat landing, just a gravel road and at the end of the gravel road we put more gravel to make a cul-de-sac on the end of the road so they can turn their cars around,” Zahasky said.

As reports have spread of the impressive fish in the flowage, more and more anglers have arrived.

“Even in the middle of the week, there always seems to be one or two cars out there. There is always someone there fishing whenever we go by it,” Zahasky said. “In the last five to 10 years, it has seemed to have an increase in usage out there.”

The grant will help fund a small 16-foot dock that the Forestry and Parks department will be able to pull in before the flowage freezes.

The grant is funded by the County Conservation Aid from the state that is used to enhance and protect hunting and fishing opportunities. Jackson County will receive $2,691 from the grant and will be required to match it.

“We will be adding some rock there to meet our match and we will probably have some time with equipment to put this in, so most of the match will probably be with in-kind labor and there might be a little bit of money put in the dock,” Zahasky said.

The county will be ordering the dock over the winter and will install it after spring break-up.



Jordan is the editor of the Jackson County Chronicle. He was born-and-raised in Taylor, Wis. and now he and his family live in Alma Center, Wis. Contact him at 715-284-0085.

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