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During the Jackson County Highway Department committee meeting Wednesday, it was unanimously approved to allow Meteor Timber to perform a Traffic Impact Analysis and survey of County Trunk O near Millston.

This will be done to help Jackson County and Meteor Timber come to a road maintenance and upgrade agreement due to the truck traffic on County Trunk O because of the sand Meteor Timber will be hauling.

“We took a look at our road maintenance and upgrade agreement and if the committee wants this to go further, like we have with other companies that come in and use our roads, I told him [Meteor Timber] that the first thing we need is a Traffic Impact Analysis and then to survey that road,” Randy Anderson said, who is the Highway Commissioner for Jackson County.

The trucks would travel on more than eight miles of County Trunk O between Fish Creek Road and State Highway 12, going right through downtown Millston. It is estimated for the trucks to begin moving sand in late fall of 2017.

The mine is expected to produce 1.5 million tons of sand a year, which Anderson states would put a significant burden on County Trunk O.

A road maintenance and upgrade agreement would be an agreement between Meteor Timber and Jackson County that would detail the amount of traffic and weight of the trucks that would be allowed to drive on County Trunk O. It could also require Meteor Timber to help pay for the initial upgrade to the road and maintenance of the road in the future.

Anderson says the Highway Department is acting in accordance with the processes the committee has set in the past. He also said unlike most agreements with sand mines that are for short-term needs, this would be a long-term agreement since Meteor Timber does not plan on directly connecting this facility to rail through conveyors as other mines have.

Anderson also reassured the committee that Meteor Timber would be paying for all of the analysis, while the Highway Department would be overseeing the process.


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