National Sewing Month

A small sample can be seen of the exhibits on display at the Black River Falls Library for National Sewing Month being held this month.

As time passes, some hobbies and skills seem to fall out of the mainstream and might become a lost art.

Sewing is not one of those hobbies as there is still a strong local group of sewing enthusiasts in Jackson County.

One of those enthusiasts, Sally Laubach, belongs to the American Sewing Guild who had displays in the Eau Claire library.

“We usually met in Eau Claire and brought stuff there, but I figured we have a library right here in Black River Falls, why not do it here?” Laubach said.

Tammy Peasley, the library director for Black River Falls, said she was excited to bring the displays here.

The library has exhibits regularly, but having the variety is always nice for the library.

“We think no one sews anymore so it’s great to see the variety and talent that we have locally,” Peasley said.

Displayed in the library is a collection of garments of all types and varieties, not just quilts.

“What’s down there is a minuscule sample of what’s out there locally,” Laubach said.

The diversity in items on display was part of the goal for the library.

“It’s amazing the craftsmanship that’s here, it’s a great first display for this,” Peasley said.

The exhibit runs through Sept. 26 at the library during regular business hours.


Stephen Knoll is a reporter for Jackson County Chronicle. Contact him at 715-284-0085.

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