A hunting hound was killed by a wolf in the town of Komensky late last month, and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources now is urging hunters to be more vigilant about the safety of their dogs.

A wolf from the Nochi Hani Pack in eastern Jackson County killed a 5-year-old Plott hound that was chasing coyotes on Dec. 30, 2012. The event prompted the DNR to implement a caution area, which warns hunters to be more careful in the region.

“What we do know is when a wolf attacks a hound like this ... there’s a high probability they’ll attack another hound again in the next year or two,” said DNR wildlife ecologist Adrian Wydeven.

“We create these areas to warn hunters ... that they may want to avoid the area or be that much  more cautious that there’s no fresh wolf tracks in the area.”

Wolf attacks on dogs more commonly occur when dogs are being trained to hunt bears in summer months, but they occasionally happen when hounds used for hunting coyotes and bobcats during winter months, Wydeven said.

The attack in Jackson County was the last of 10 that either caused injuries or deaths of dogs in Wisconsin in 2012. It is the first wolf attack on a dog by packs that cross into the county since 2010, when two dogs were killed and four were injured by the Bear Bluff Pack, also in eastern Jackson County.

The 2010 attacks prompted the DNR to implement trapping of wolves because their behavior indicated they were a potential danger to both dogs and humans.

Wydeven said the Dec. 30, 2012, attack in Komensky hasn’t prompted concern for humans. However, he said hunters should be more watchful of their dogs by not letting them roam as far from them as normal, and they also should keep an eye out for wolf tracks.

The state also is in the midst of its first wolf hunt since wolves were removed from the endangered species list in early 2012. The season started last October and will continue through Feb. 28 while hunters aim to decrease the state’s population of more than 850 by 10 percent.

“That is one of the intents of the hunting season — to help reduce the conflicts. We were starting to see an increase in conflicts because of the lack of controls (before wolves were delisted),” Wydeven said.

Jackson County has nine wolf packs that cross into it, for a total of anywhere from 39 to 44 wolves. The Nochi Hani Pack has an estimated five wolves. The newest caution area due to the attack last month is bounded east of Pray Road, south of Highway 54 and west of Highway K.

For more information on wolves, visit dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/wolf/livingwithwolves.html. For more information on wolf attacks on dogs, visit dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/wolf/dogdeps.html#nochi.

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Well all you wolf lovers, i got some facts for you...People have been having there cattle killed daily. and what about those poor little inisant fawns that get slaughtered each spring, don't you feel bad for those little guys. And there are dogs killed but its better than having your whole herd of cattle wiped out by the dumb things. Also whats the point of having the stupid useless pieces of S***. they dont do any good. They cause more trouble than what they are worth. Every year the DNR put away $35,000 for wolf complications. But in 2012 the wolves costed $214,794 to pay for the wolf damage. And the DNR wants their elk so better KILL ALL OF THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


....there’s a high probability they’ll attack another hound again in the next year or two,” said DNR wildlife ecologist Adrian Wydeven.....So wolves LEARN to *hunt* hounds trespassing their territory!!!! And now hound hunters can buy a lisence to send packs of dogs after wolves this fall??? Does anyone worry that it won't take those wolves long before they LEARN that all dogs are their enemy and they come looking for your Fido? When that happens don't blame the wolves, blame the humans who thought this was a good idea. NOT.


I call B.S. again on the DNR! If they cared about dogs they would never have oked hunting wolves with dogs and would have banned trapping on public land. So sick of DNR kissing hunter a$$ that I will not be buying State Park annual pass any more. If Wisconsin and Minnesota want there entire state to be a deer game preserves for lazy unskilled so called hunters, then thy should just be truthfull about it.


First of, REALLY sorry about the dog.. and for the dog.

One word comes to my mind, "OXYMORON" DNR has NO CLUE what they are doing... What is going to happen when the hounds are used to 'train' for the wolves? Is this what is going to take for the 'mass' to understand using dogs on wolf is unethical and inhumane? How many more dogs need to be slaughtered? How many more dogs need to be attacked?

The lack of control they speak of.. is lack of control on part by DNR, if ONLY they have learned to manage the wolf population this will not be happening.


Wolves tortured and slaughtered by a dog? Get real and go back to hugging a tree as you know nothing of which you speak.


Yes this happens when hunters train hounds to wolf hunt... go see on you tube. However the tourture refered to here may also refer to the trapping of wolves, that also claims many dogs lives and other unintended animals.


Im sorry for the dog, but Im more sorry for all the wolves that have been tortured and slaughtered or torn apart by these very dogs. Leave these wolves alone and things like this wont happen. Stop the killing.

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