Did you remember to “fall back” this past weekend? My computer sure remembered! What it didn’t remember is that it’s supposed to keep running after the time switch. When I started up on Sunday at 9 a.m. and saw that the time on the computer said 1:25, I knew I was going to be in trouble. You would not believe all the weird things that came up on the screen when it did finally decide to move.

Email that was dated 2009, weird hieroglyphics when I tried to copy and paste. Took most of the day to get back to normal, whatever normal is for this machine which I swear is possessed. Talk about adventures in internet understanding.

How much trouble can a person get into sitting around all day with her leg elevated? Still having issues with my knee which caused me to miss things again and make me darned ornery. A person can only take so much of looking at magazines and doing puzzles.

With a bye week and the Packer game not happening until Monday night, I was going into withdrawal, so there to compensate, there was a lot of reminiscing on YouTube with a blast from the past listening to old Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Gary Puckett and Mark Lindsey songs which made my 12-year-old heart flutter back in the day.

What saved me from total insanity was the fact that my Jason was able to come for a long weekend visit. Always enjoy his joking around and obvious delight in being home and we plan plenty of movie time as back drop for catching up with everything.

Sounded like there was a great response to the HYO Halloween party and pumpkin decorating contest. Lots of creative going on—everything from just plain pretty to just plain scary. Congratulations to the winners: Evelyn Karls, Ben Sedelbauer, Aleece Sedelbauer, Sophia Syverson, Alyssa Tubbs, Samuel Sedelbauer, William Sedelbauer, Hannah Tubbs, Austin Olson, Hailley Sedelbauer, Abigail Syverson, Katie Sedelbauer, Maritere Sedelbauer, Janessa Sedelbauer, Betsy Sedelbauer and Judge’s Choice: Maritere Sedelbauer.

Helpers at the party this year were Amy Boe, Genell Severson, Debbie Pyka, Kristi Hudson, Mary Sedelbauer, Melinda Hudson, Hailley Sedelbauer, Becca Hudson and Lisa Ripp. The hot dogs and cocoa offered by the Hixton Rod and Gun Club went over very well. This year the trick or treaters found the Fire Department and First Responders handing out treats and giving fire engine rides to add to the Halloween fun.

I heard there was a good turnout at the oyster stew and chili supper at Our Savior‘s on Nov. 2. I had hoped to have hubby get me a takeout, but I have learned over the years that when it’s hunting season, no such luck.

Hubby celebrated his Nov. 4 birthday with a visit from Sis, Dave and Angie Jerome, who came bearing cakes, Mama Johnson, and Jake and Anita Johnson and family. Jason being home and a birthday call from TJ added to the fun.

I learned that Betty Bills and her Backyard Craft Creations were in a Minot, North Dakota craft show along with a dose of snow while there. So glad to hear of its success.

Chippewa Valley High School Figure Skating Team of which Cassidy Bunnell is a member of had its first competition at Mosinee, Wis. on Nov. 4. They took fifth on jumps, second in moves and third in spins. The next competition is Dec. 9 in Stevens Point.

Congratulations to our neighbors over the hill, Les and Katy Nortman, who recently celebrated their 50th anniversary!

Confirmation was held on Oct. 29 for the Hixton Northfield Lutheran Parishs. Congratulations to Victor Ruzic, Alex Hentsch, Lauren Boyer, Janna Thoma and Jennings Christenson

Noting a change to the Senior Meal schedule at Sharon’s Hixton Café. Senior meals will be served Monday through Thursdays. Fridays will be their Regular Fish Fry from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Things are going well and they really appreciate their customers.

Nov. 18 will mark the first day you will be able to purchase the Toner Band’s debut album at an album release party at the Sunset in Black River Falls.

There are a lot of proud family around here after finding out that Noelle Bergerson was named Student of the Month for November at Melrose Mindoro Schools. Congrats Noelle!

Wow, did this ever come up quick! It’s time for the annual Hixton Ridge Deer Meeting to be held on Saturday, November 11, beginning at 7 pm and at the time of this writing they are 99.9% sure it’s going to be held at the Northfield Town Hall. Bring your hunting stories, mounts, shed antlers and other items of interest. Always a good time! Contact person if you have questions is Jim Johnson at 715-963-2531.