Last column of 2017, early deadline and a busy day getting ready for company make for interesting times. It’s been such a fun time with the boys home that I have been more lax than usual keeping up on things and letting things get away from me. I am even writing and sending this shorter-than-usual column way before the time it needs to get in because if I don’t I will be sure to forget to send later on.

Kudos to all the people and organizations involved with another great year for Project Christmas. Amazing how organized everything is!

The Christmas Shop at Lincoln Elementary was extremely successful again this year. As preparation for next year, start gathering toys in particular and other items—it sounds like they will need to replenish everything.

I have been enjoying the “God Jul” messages Grace Nordahl has been sending. This is one lady who really gets into the spirit of things.

Send in news of happy family gatherings this Christmas season.

It’s that time again! The youth group from Hixton/Northfield Lutheran are taking orders for their yummy pizzas to be delivered on Super Bowl Sunday.

Molly Johnson, Madison Shramek, Jordan Parker and Ryan Parker were among the students with Hixton ties named to the Honor roll at Lincoln.

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In this last column of 2017, I want to wish you all a happy New Year. I hope 2018 is good to all of us.