Nothing quite like being greeted with the first day of fall and having it be 95 degrees out. Wowsa. It made for a hot Homecoming parade with shaded areas being the most popular spots in town. Looks like a few houses in the area got TP’d as part of the Homecoming experience. The heat didn’t seem to affect the football team as it sounds like there was quite a game. Seeing all the young people all dressed up for the dance and looking so grown up kind of puts a lump in the throat—and brings back tons of memories.

It was also a hot weekend for many people in the area who attended Cranfest in Warrens. Everyone has a great time—except me. The one time I attended several years ago got to be a little expensive. An unleashed dog ran into the back of my leg, dislocated my knee and instead of watching the BRF band march in the parade, I was escorted out in an ambulance. Not exactly the best memory.

In spite of the heat, some things don’t change. What is it about fall (even if the temps are steamy) that makes a person crave hot cider, stews, meatloaf, casseroles, hearty soups, apple and pumpkin desserts and, for me lately, good old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

What a nail biter for the Packer game this week! When you come from behind, tie it up with seconds left and then win in overtime, I will take it. I learned from the Packer expert in the family that this was a first-time win against the Bengals for Aaron Rodgers and his first win in overtime.

It was an exciting weekend for our Jason as he got to meet and greet one of his favorite Packers, Donald Driver, at a book signing in Green Bay. Wouldn’t have minded doing that myself.

It’s been interesting having the overpass bridge on Hwy. FF closed, but according to a letter I saw, it should be a quick fix and be open Oct. 4. Sure makes you think twice about going on errands when you have to take a roundabout route.

More information about the Cody Clauson Trio Concert and Dinner Fundraiser at Taylor Lutheran Church on Oct. 1. Not only will you be getting a great meal and wonderful entertainment, funds raised will be earmarked to purchase a new sign for the church.

It was great seeing that Hixton has another family honored as a Century Farm family—congrats to Beverly and Michael Jarstad.

If you have heard the podcast called Two Guys and a Vikings fan, one of those guys is Samuel Ripp. It’s a podcast he and two friends from college started. They just recorded their fourth episode. Ripp said, “We are all into sports and talk about them all the time so I thought we should share our thoughts with others if they wanted to listen. So I got our podcast up and running on Sound Cloud first and now we are on iTunes as well. My wife Hannah made us a website and we also have a Twitter account for the show. We discuss everything about sports and there is always something that goes sideways and it goes all over the place. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy doing it. I do all of the editing after each show and we hope to keep this going for a long time.”

If there is any reason to like a hurricane, Lisa Ripp found it. Having Hurricane Maria heading towards Haiti, it meant that son Andrew could leave a day earlier than planned for an always welcomed visit home. He got home in time to join several family members and friends from the area who attended the wedding of Mitchell Ammann and Tyler Jo Roskos.

It’s been a weekend for weddings. Tom Chandler and Patricia Emerson were married Sept. 23 at the Wrightsville Chapel with Terry Marg officiating. A reception was held at the North Branch Rod and Gun Club on Emerson Lake in Humbird. Congratulations and all the best to you both as you begin your married life together.

There were also wedding bells for Dustin Mortenson and Vanessa Eddy on Sept. 23. Sending you all the best wishes for a long and happy marriage.

Even though school hasn’t been in session all that long, congratulations to Fheonix Jelinek for receiving the coveted “Buzz” Award from Lincoln Elementary School.

When I donate to a worthy cause, I like to get the most bang for the buck. From Sept. 20 until Nov. 1, there is a Food for More Challenge, a partnership of Feed My People, where your donated dollars will be matched one-on-one with pounds of food credit. Checks have to be dated between Sept. 20 and Nov. 1, made out to Friends Sharing Food and have “match challenge” written on the memo line. Send donations to Friends Sharing Food, PO Box 344, BRF, WI 54615 and also watch for containers at your local churches to donate items.


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