The winter “crud” has hit our house and if I thought my hubby was crabby on a good day, you should hear what he’s like when a cold or flu dares to hit him.

When I asked him how he was feeling this morning he about bit my head off, the ornery old loolah! See if I ask him THAT again—ha ha! Hope it stops with him and not transfer over to me. Seems like there has been a lot of it going around the area.

Richard and Pat Lohmar may have moved—but that still doesn’t mean we can’t wish Rich a very Happy Birthday on Nov. 24.

I read a lot of newsletters and articles and always find out interesting things when I read. Did you know that, according to the Tiger Tribune, Senior Citizens can go to the BRF high school office and get a free sports pass—good for all regular season home athletic events.

Jake Henry Deml has arrived. This cute little guy was born on Nov. 14, weighing 10 lbs 9 oz and measuring 21 inches long. Jake is welcomed by parents Steve and Michelle Deml as well as his two big sisters Emma Sue and Anna Patricia. Maternal Grandparents are Randy and Sue Lindberg, maternal great grands are Gladys Instenes and the late Hillman (Jake) and Priscilla (Pep) Lindberg, paternal grands are Steve and Patti Deml and great grands Hank (Henry) and Pat Deml, all of Medford. And what is really neat is that he was born on his papa Randy Lindberg’s birthday and named after his great grandpas! One of Jake’s first presents was a blue toy Lindberg Trucking truck with his name on it.

I always look forward to the area Hunting Issues of the papers. This year, there were several area successes featured. Congratulations to Katie Sedelbauer, Vinny Johnson, Matt Sedelbauer, Austin Olson, Tristan Nelson, Chad Nelson, Todd Darst, Emmah, Abigail, Dan and Stan Gran, Donna Christianson, Lauren Bock, Matt Karls, Jeff Bush and Addy and Garrett West. There was even a couple of “blasts from the past” of pictures of David Smith, Barb Smith Johnson and Gayle Smith Haugstad.

I have a special place in my heart for all of Jason’s classmates from Hixton Elementary School. They are a great group of kids—the last class to “graduate” from the school before it closed.

I love reading all about their lives and successes after graduation. The latest is being proud to be able to send Kyle McAndrew a special thank you for his continuing service, as he recently re-enlisted with the Marine Corps. It sounds like Kyle has traveled many miles while in the Marines but he said letters from home include area news clips so he can feel closer to home.

I am anxious to hear about the yearly miracle of giving that is the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner held in Black River Falls. So many from the area, whether it be individuals, families, church members, troops or organizations come together to work towards the common goal and it is simply amazing.

The public is invited to the annual Evergreen Memorial Service—a time to pause and remember family and loved ones who have passed away this past year. It will be held on Thursday, Nov. 30 at the Black River Memorial Hospital’s Dorothy Halvorson Conference Room at 7 p.m. Folks are invited to bring a holiday ornament to be placed on their evergreen tree. Please RSVP by calling 715-284-3662.

To all the hunters out there—have fun and stay safe! To the hunters wives—have fun hunting bargains at the various gatherings around the area.


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