Has anyone else noticed this feeling of bah humbug over the last two weeks? Well I have.

I think it is because I am currently sitting right in between the likes of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means we have been doing nothing but running around with our heads cut off.

We have been buying and wrapping gifts for the last two weeks, which means every night is full of cutting, wrapping and taping. I’m pretty sure the cuts that have been on my thumbs for a few days are paper cuts from all of this wrapping we are doing.

Then there is all of the baking and decorating going on. We seriously have 30 cookies in our house right now and Steph is going to be baking more tonight with my family. I don’t know what to do with the cookies anymore and they are seriously adding to my gut size. Since those cookies are obviously going to run out, we are also baking more this weekend.

On top of it all, we have snow outside that stuck. I actually shoveled this week to only have to do it again a few hours later because of a few surprise snow flurries. I am already done with you winter.

In all honesty I should be putting on another Thanksgiving after all of this so I can give thanks to Steph for putting up with me and all of these Christmas shenanigans. I’m pretty sure she would agree.

It is in this valley between the two storms that are Thanksgiving and Christmas that I say bah humbug nearly every night of the week because I am done preparing for Christmas.

I want to stomp my feet on the ground like a five-year-old and demand Santa brings his sleigh right now so we can get this thing over with.

I am done wrapping, eating cookies and shoveling snow. Which is why I am getting all of our wrapping done tonight (don’t hold me to that because I haven’t seen the mountain of gifts still left to wrap).

I was so excited about Christmas just a mere three weeks ago before Thanksgiving. I think what did me in was having to go to Walmart four times before Thanksgiving to get various things for the festivities, and then we went back Thanksgiving night for Black Friday.

It is within all of this craziness that before long I will be excited about Christmas again because all of the planning will finally be over and we just have the actual act of Christmas left – you know, the fun part.

The time during the holidays when you get to spend time with family, eat some good food and see people’s faces when they open up your gifts. There is nothing like watching your child excitedly open up gifts that they love. I am also especially looking forward to a certain white elephant gift that I am giving to a special someone, so watch out family.

Before we know it, Christmas will have come and gone. It will be a new year and we will start counting down the months before December rolls around again. Don’t worry, next year will go just as fast as this one did.

Until then, I am going to try and snap out of bah humbug and join in on the cheer.


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