In our move back to Wisconsin, the one thing I wasn’t looking forward to was the weather. Particularly that of the winter months.

In Ohio, snow came and went three days later. It never stuck to the ground for too long because there would inevitably be a warm winter day coming in the near future.

There needed to be four inches of snow on the ground before we even got our road plowed.

They also had this handy system where if the snow was bad enough, you were required to be off the road. We here in Wisconsin don’t get that luxury. We just get a scolding from the weather man to be careful and then we pull up our bootstraps, throw some sand in the trunk and hope there isn’t an ice patch on a corner on the way to work.

I didn’t realize how bad Wisconsin was until we came back the second Christmas we were in Ohio. For the entire week we were here in Wisconsin, it snowed every day.

By that visit, I had totally forgotten what it meant to have snow in our cozy life in the sauna that was Ohio.

This week was the first time leading up to winter that I felt that chill run down my spine. This event happened on Tuesday as I was heading out the door. There was a bunch of wind blustering in from who knows where, and there was this little drizzle coming down. It was like little cold water bombs pelting my face as I scampered quickly to my car.

It was in that moment that I realized I had lost my hard Wisconsin skin in our time in Ohio. This skin was built up over years of relentless weather and waiting for the bus outside on frigid days as a kid. I was often jealous of the kids that had little shacks at the end of their driveway to keep warm.

Looking back on past winters in Wisconsin, it is still full of fun times and shoveling.

I can still remember being one of the crazy few who went down to Madison one year when the Blair-Taylor basketball team made it to State. I was hunkered in with other spectators as we watched the bus go over snow drift after snow drift on the interstate.

There was another time when it had snowed badly so they cancelled school. Instead of staying home, somehow I convinced my dad to take us to our cousin’s house to go sledding. So we slowly drove to their house going 10 miles per hour around every corner. It was a fun day, but looking back on it, it maybe wasn’t the best decision.

Snow isn’t always fun though. There have been multiple times where we have had to bail someone out of the snow, which means countless minutes (sometimes hours) of shoveling snow and trying to push the person out. There was always one person we had to push out more than the others, and I’ll give you a clue, it wasn’t my mom. In this person’s defense, it was typically because he/she was having fun coming down the driveway.

Even though winter is often gruesome here in Wisconsin, I sure am glad to be back home where I can enjoy some actual snow. You know, the stuff that actually sticks around.

I almost missed it while we were in Ohio. Don’t worry though, when we are on the other side of winter I will probably hate it again.

The only thing I don’t understand is why you’d want to be even farther north. Those people are crazy for braving those winters.

That’s what everyone told me about us Wisconsinites when we lived in Ohio. Sometimes I wonder if it is true as I ponder wearing long underwear this winter.