Wow, that went by quickly.

Our son turns 2 this week and it is hard to imagine how we got here. It seems like just yesterday I was holding this little child in my arms as he was swaddled in a blanket.

We should have known from the beginning that he would be trouble. He ended up coming a month early because Steph’s water broke. I wisked her to the hospital where we waited and waited.

They gave her pitocin, which hurried her contractions, but didn’t really move Carter along. He eventually started having trouble with his heartbeat so they had to stop the pitocin.

After nearly 24 hours of painful waiting for Steph, they finally decided to do a c-section.

We were wisked away as Steph was prepped for surgery. I was forced to wait outside beyond a door until they were done prepping her.

Those 20 minutes were some pretty long minutes as I patiently thought about being a dad for the first time, which at the time was scary.

Then they finally came and got me and I purposefully ignored everything until I could reach Steph’s head that was sticking out of the top of all the sheeting they had covering her. After all, I didn’t want to be the guy that fainted in the delivery room.

Steph and I then sat together and patiently waited to hear him scream. I can only imagine what Steph was thinking in those moments because a lot of things were going through my mind.

Then the doctors all of a sudden got very excited and told us it was about time.

I can still remember his very purple body as he was shown to us over a curtain after he was born. Then he suddenly began screaming as I watched the nurses and doctors do their magic.

I then got to hold him and bring him to Steph, who still was just a head. Again, I didn’t focus on anything but Carter for fear of fainting. This time the stakes were much larger since I would also drop Carter, not just myself, this time.

We were some very proud parents in that moment.

Eventually they had to close Steph up and take Carter away for a bit to do some health checks.

They then finally returned him to our room and then they started doing all of the measurements and weights. Even though he was born early, he still had the height and weight of an average child.

Much of his excess weight probably came from his huge feet that were too big for the piece of paper they put them on. This is not overly surprising since Steph has some pretty big feet (please don’t tell her I said that). I suppose I have some big feet as well, you could say.

From that point forward, everything was a blur to me. Eventually our parents came and met Carter for the first time and we introduced him to the world.

Today Carter is full of life and love as a two-year-old. He learns new words every day and is constantly finding new ways to keep us on our toes, including spreading all of his toys all over the floor.

He constantly wants to be outside and loves to play with tractors and cars.

He loves his grandparents and seems to prefer to spend time with them over us. The grandparents seem to think the same of him.

In the end, he is the joy of our life and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I guess most parents would say that about their children.

I think there is something magical that happens to most parents when they are in that delivery room and see their child for the first time. It truly is life changing, and something I will never forget.

Happy Birthday Carter! I hope the next 16 years don’t go by this fast, but sadly I have a hunch that won’t be the case.


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