It has been a while since I went and visited the place where Steph and I got married, which was a farm that her great-grandparents owned.

Since family only comes back check on the place and sometimes stays over for a night to relive old memories, the place is typically empty.

When we first made the decision to have our wedding on this site, we knew it would be a lot of work. There were 6-foot weeds where the lawn should be and there were parts of the house that needed to be fixed.

We made changes to the area over a period of two summers. I along with family spent a laborious day knocking down the tall weeds, mulching the soil and planting grass seed. There was a portion of the land that had little trees growing that needed to be cut, so we took a chainsaw to them.

Then there were fixes to the house. Since the doors to the cellar were gone, we decided to make it into a flowerbed. So I made a wooden box and put some lattice over it to give it a little artistic touch and we set it in the hole.

Next we needed to fix up the front porch because that was where we wanted to take pictures. It was a simple, square 5-foot porch, so we covered it with barn boards from the nearby barn. It ended up being the perfect place to take family photos.

I have a lot of fond memories on this farm, and some memories of hard work. I revisited the farm recently, remembering our wedding day the entire time.

The grass continues to be mowed so that family can come back and take a look from time to time, remembering what it was like living there.

As I walked around, I remembered kissing Steph for the first time as husband and wife, joining two colors to make gray as our unity piece and reading each other our vows.

Then I came upon a place I had never been on the farm. I had spent countless hours on this land and yet have never noticed the place where I was standing.

It was on the backside of everything, where the wilderness met the farm.

I just stood there and listened as a stream trickled in the distance. The sun was going down, so everything was a beautiful golden brown hue.

I noticed some helicopter seeds sitting in a nearby tree waiting to be dropped so they can float slowly to the ground. On this night, the sun was beating on them giving them a beautiful glow.

I looked up at the old barn roof as the sun beat through the roof panes. It has been slowly falling down over time, almost like it is succumbing to the weight of nature as it brings the structure back to its original elements.

I was in a trance as I looked out into the countryside, watching as the beauty swayed in the wind.

I suddenly was reminded of the magnificence of the outdoors. In the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t always get to experience that beauty, to just stand and watch.

I looked out into the prairie grasses and trees and was just at peace. Much like I was on the day I said I do. It is amazing how much peace a place like this can bring.


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