I have been thinking a lot lately about my previous year here as editor of the Jackson County Chronicle. All of the things that have been accomplished, and all of the stories that have been told.

It has been a whirlwind of highs and lows.

The news-gathering process is one that I have grown to respect and love. When I took this position less than a year ago, I underestimated what it meant to be the editor of a paper. I didn’t understand what it took to produce news that had several sources and was free of errors.

In this world of “fake news,” being a part of the media has made me realize that not every reporter or editor has an agenda or an opinion.

Most journalists are actually reporting on the facts. I have more faith in reporting today than I did when I first started because I have come to know many great journalists over the last year. Many journalists that try day in and day out to formulate unbiased reporting.

Trust me, we don’t always get it right. There have been times over the last year when people have called my reporting biased and incorrect. When people have told me that I was getting paid under the table to write the things I was writing.

Don’t worry, the only people paying me have been my employer. I’ve come to realize that getting called out from time to time is part of the news world. We as journalists are not perfect and we do make mistakes. Most of these mistakes so evidently grace our paper with a correction from time to time.

Despite some of the lows of journalism, I have come to find many more highs.

I have enjoyed the countless conversations with the people of Jackson County. We truly have some wonderful people in this county, too many to name that have been chronicled this year in the Jackson County Chronicle.

We have chronicled the people leading the charge on indoor salmon production, people that are changing how people view diversity and some of the great students that are the future of our county.

These people and many others are what make this county and community so great. These people are also what give me faith that we will solve the many problems that face our county.

Leading that endeavor will be our local county, village, town and school officials, most of which I have grown to respect and appreciate. There is great wisdom on many of these boards, and I am confident they will lead us successfully through the future, even if we as a newspaper have to remind some of them from time to time to stay on the straight and narrow.

With that, I also wanted to say thank you to everyone that have helped me over the last year. Whether it be sending me leads or being willing to have a quick 10-minute interview—your help has been greatly appreciated.

The many kind emails, notes and words people have sent and told me in person over the last year have been especially appreciated, and they always seemed to come in a time when I especially needed them.

With that I look forward to 2018, and the many challenges that await.