The BRF Tigers football has a had a rough go of the season so far as it searches for a win.

An away game against Dodgeville would almost bring the Tigers the results it wanted, but mistakes and turnovers would spell the end for BRF.

BRF would get off to a fast start on the arm of quarterback Elliot Bird as much of the Tigers success has gone as Bird goes.

Bird slung it to Ethan Anderson for an eight yard touchdown to put the Tigers on the board first, missing the two-point conversion would make the score 6-0.

BRF would strike again in the first quarter, this time on a long heave from Bird to Isaac Cowles who took it 45-yards to the house and put the Tigers up 12-0.

The first half belonged entirely to BRF who dominated Dodgeville for the first 24 minutes.

Bird would notch one more touchdown with another short pass to Anderson and the Tigers would enter halftime with an 18-0 lead.

Unfortunately for BRF, there was a second half and Dodgeville surged back in the third quarter.

The Dodgers eliminated the possibility of a shut out with a 13-yard passing touchdown to put them on the board 18-7.

“Dodgeville came out offensively and scored on their first drive with running a counter play that they had great success with the rest of the game,” said head coach Jim Bible.

BRF has struggled against the run all year and that trend continued against Dodgeville who broke through with a 49-yard touchdown to cut the lead down to four.

“Our defense just could not stop that play and the offense went into a funk and could not sustain much ball control,” Bible said.

Another one-yard touchdown run would give the Dodgers the lead as it overtook the Tigers 20-18.

To finish off an already rough quarter, Dodgeville would get another long run, this one 47 yards, to put themselves up 26-18 over the Tigers.

The fourth quarter would be a push for both teams as it stayed scoreless and the Dodgers managed to dodge a loss.

BRF had a chance to tie things up late in the fourth quarter with the ball on the one-yard line, but stalled out in the end.

“Overall we did feel that the team played hard and made growth as a team. However we still are losing too many battles on the line of scrimmage,” Bible said.

Mistakes would plague the Tigers as Bird’s impressive three touchdown outing was also a three interception outing.

Defensively BRF also gave up 288 rushing yards, something it has been unable to stop throughout the season so far.

Jerome Wirtz would come away with one interception for the defense.

Cowles ended the game as the Tigers leading receiver with 100 yards and a touchdown while Anderson finished with 63 yards and two touchdowns.

The Tigers will have a conference game on Friday with a home game against G-E-T (4-0).


Stephen Knoll is a reporter for Jackson County Chronicle. Contact him at 715-284-0085.

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