Dairyland Conference, football

First team: Mel-Min junior offensive lineman Kyle Stair, Mel-Min junior offensive lineman Hunter Kastenschmidt, Mel-Min senior offensive lineman Gavin Hintz, Mel-Min senior running back Jeremy Anderson, Mel-Min senior utility player Andy Antony, Mel-Min senior kicker Victor Ponterio, Mel-Min senior defensive lineman Zach Herzberg, Mel-Min senior defensive end Drew Blaken, Mel-Min junior defensive lineman Landon Lockington, Mel-Min senior inside linebacker Andy Anton, Mel-Min junior defensive back Brett Gerdes, Mel-Min senior utility player Jeremy Anderson and Mel-Min junior punter Landon Lockington.

Second team: Blair-Taylor senior offensive lineman Reed Guenther, Blair-Taylor freshman running back Matthew Brandenbug, Blair-Taylor sophomore kicker Rafael DaCosta, Blair-Taylor senior defensive lineman Reed Guenther, Mel-Min senior inside linebacker Evan Peterson, Mel-Min junior defensive back Patrick Corcoran and Blair-Taylor sophomore defensive back Isaac Nerby.

Lakeland Conference, 8-man football

First team: Lincoln senior running back Nathan Lucas, Lincoln senior utility player Jackson Risch, Lincoln senior defensive back Jackson Risch and Lincoln senior utility player Chance Boettcher.

Second team: Lincoln sophomore wide receiver Justin Rowekamp.

Honorable mention: Lincoln sophomore Austin Calkins on offense and Lincoln senior Nathan Lucas on defense.

Coulee Conference, volleyball

First team: Black River Falls senior middle Lauren Perry.

Second team: Black River Falls junior outside hitter Samantha Blackdeer and Black River Falls junior outside hitter Maggie Roou.

Honorable mention: Black River Falls senior libero Channing Manske.

Dairyland Conference, volleyball

First Team: Madison Shramek, Lincoln; McKenna Nehring, Blair-Taylor; Emily Herzberg, Mel-Min and Calette Lockington, Mel-Min.

Second Team: Natalie Fischer, Lincoln.



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