Mistakes doom Wildcats against Whitehall, fall 42-7

Matthew Brandenburg looks upfield during the Wildcat’s game with the Whitehall Norse last Friday in a 42-7 losing effort.

Spirits were high for Blair-Taylor as the excitement from homecoming carried into the Friday night tilt against Whitehall Sept. 29.

The Wildcats looked to put up a good fight against the Norse, but mistakes would doom the young squad from getting anything going.

B-T started off with the ball and made some good progress. The team relied heavily on the legs of Matthew Brandenburg who got a few good runs in.

That first drive would eventually stall out and the Wildcats would be forced to punt.

Whitehall would almost immediately get yards in chunks with a big pass burning the B-T defense deep.

The Wildcats would redeem themselves by bending, not breaking and held the Norse out of the end zone after the big play.

Offensively B-T would unfortunately find itself in the same situation before, a few decent plays before eventually stalling out.

The Norse would not be denied a second time as Whitehall burst through some holes on its way to the end zone.

Whitehall’s quarterback would pull down the ball and take it in himself to put his team on the board, 8-0.

After another B-T punt Whitehall would go right back on the attack as a the QB floated a pass on a fade. The receiver would slip right through two would-be Wildcat tacklers off the catch and dash into the end zone to take a 14-0 lead.

B-T could not get anything moving offensively and the defense struggled to eliminate the big plays of its opponent.

When the defense finally held Whitehall to a punt the offense immediately gave it back to them after a toss from Matthew Waldera was mishandled and recovered by the Norse.

The very next play was another big pass that the Norse took to the house and headed in to halftime with a 20-0 lead.

“We played well for the first half, we had 172 yards rushing at half time,” head coach Jeremy Hansen said.

Whitehall would start the second half with the ball, but the Wildcat defense showed up with new energy.

A short drive would stall out and the Norse would be forced to punt, but B-T would shoot itself in the foot again by muffing the punt and sending it back to Whitehall hands.

“We made some mistakes that cost us in crucial spots and to Whitehall’s credit they converted those mistakes into touchdowns,” Hansen said.

B-T would stave off a shut out with a long pass from Waldera who hit Taylor Kirchner deep for a 37-yard touchdown.

The Wildcats ended the night with 207 rushing yards, the majority of them coming from Brandenburg.

The Wildcats would fall 42-7.


Stephen Knoll is a reporter for Jackson County Chronicle. Contact him at 715-284-0085.

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