Another week of fall football is in the books and with it comes another Mel-Min victory.

As the season has progressed it seems like the Dairyland Conference has had little ability to stop or even just slow down a potent Mel-Min running game.

Again three of the Mustang touchdowns were at least 40-yard gallops, while the others were the result of just jamming the ball downfield.

Jeremy Anderson started things off with a 60-yard dash to the end zone to start the rout of Cochrane-Fountain City.

The Pirates continued to be trampled on throughout the game. Anderson’s next score would come off a 5-yard scamper to put Mel-Min up 13-0.

Two more scores would come in the second quarter with a 3-yard run from Evan Peterson and another score from Anderson, this one only 60 yards.

With a 27-0 lead heading into halftime, Mel-Min decided to take its foot off the gas and slow down the attack a bit.

The Mustangs only added two more scores, a 9-yard run from Patrick Corcoran and a 41-yard run from Andy Antony, before the game ended 40-0.

C-FC was held to under 100 yards of total offense while the Mustangs racked up 352 total yards.

That win would mark Mel-Min’s third consecutive shut-out game and its fourth on the year. Including the week one loss to Bangor, the Mustangs have outscored its opponents 263-72.

Next up to face the buzzsaw that is Mel-Min will be Eleva-Strum who will travel to the Mustang’s home turf.


Stephen Knoll is a reporter for Jackson County Chronicle. Contact him at 715-284-0085.

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