We have two dogs, one is a female French Bulldog named Princess and the other is a male Chinese Pug named Otis. For those of you wondering, yes, we named him Otis because of the movie “Milo and Otis.” For some reason, Steph loved that movie growing up.

Our dogs are very peculiar dogs. Princess is a really nervous dog and sometimes she acts more like a cat than a dog. She will literally snuggle up right on your chest and lay with you.

For the last month she has been peeing in the house, so naturally we thought she had some sort of infection. We then took her to the veterinarian and had them run a bunch of tests. Nothing came back conclusive, so we put her on antibiotics and hoped for the best.

When we got back from our trip, she peed in the house again, so we schlepped her back to the veterinarian and they ran even more tests. Still didn’t find anything.

This, combined with the fact that she will go outside and stare at us through our deck windows and not go pee and then come inside and pee 15 minutes later, has led us to believe that she is mad at us for some reason.

Besides the recent peeing in the house, Princess is a pretty good dog as long as you can get over her quirks, like shaking uncontrollably sometimes and barking at every person that passes our house.

Otis on the other hand is an all-around naughty dog. I never knew this, but apparently Chinese Pugs are notoriously rambunctious.

If you just look at a Chinese Pug with all of their rolls, you’d think this breed sat more than they stood. Well, not Otis. He is constantly running around the house, licking the floors and couch looking for every last crumb of food. You’d think we never fed him.

He has also mastered the run-away technique in our new house. Over the last few months while living in our house, I have discovered one gigantic flaw. There is a central structure that you can completely walk in a 360-degree circle around.

Otis has discovered that if he keeps going around and around on the merry-go-round, that I will never be able to catch him. I guess I can at least get my exercise in.

On top of that, he is a regular Houdini when you are trying to get him to sit still. Every time we clip his nails, it takes about three people to hold him down. Pugs also have ears that are flipped over that need to be cleaned, which you guessed it, he doesn’t sit still for either.

Needless to say, I have had some choice words for our dogs over the years. Fortunately there are some good times too, which is why we keep them around.

For instance, Otis does this hilarious thing when he wants to be petted. Instead of coming to me so I can pet him with my hands, he will stand over my foot while I am sitting down and expect me to use my foot to pet him.

I guess you could say I love our dogs and they fit into our life perfectly, even though they make it more dysfunctional at times.

Plus, I got back at them the best way I know how…I had a child.

Carter pounces on them and pulls their ears all the time, but I think that is what I like about our dogs the most. They let Carter do it to them. I think that is the true measure of a good dog, whether they are good with your kids.

I know Carter loves them, and I think they love him back. Maybe begrudgingly, but I think they love him.

Jordan Simonson is editor of the Jackson County Chronicle.


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