Births for Sunday, Aug. 21

2011-08-21T00:00:00Z Births for Sunday, Aug. 21 La Crosse Tribune
August 21, 2011 12:00 am

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

Aug 10

 Daughter to Viktoria Kravanja and Robert Pesava III., Holmen

 Son to Kalean Erickson and Travis Beck, Onalaska

Aug 11

 Daughter to Renae (Dykhuis) and Craig Solverson, Viroqua

 Daughter to Samantha (Massano) and Nermin Tahic, Onalaska

 Daughter to Jenna Amdahl and Derek Stortz, Mabel, Minn.

 Daughter to Nancy (Rister) and Zachary McCann, La Crescent, Minn.

 Son to Stephanie (Hicks) and Randy Wagner Jr., West Salem

Aug 12

 Son to Sara (Wall) and Timothy Schroeder,Caledonia, Minn.

 Daughter to Laura (Cullmann) and Rex Stephenson, Bangor

 Son to Stephanie (Remlinger) and Justin Jefferis, La Crosse

 Son to Jennifer (Huiss) and Brett Hinds, Onalaska

 Daughter to Catherine (Kapinus) and Trampus Thornton, McGregor, Iowa

 Daughter to Starla  (Moorhouser) and Kelly Smith, West Salem

Aug 13

 Daughter to Megan (Gavin) and Joshun Siok, Winona, Minn.

 Son to Krystal (Keenan) and Frank Borman, La Crosse

Aug 14

 Son to Jasmine Joseph, La Crosse

Aug 15

 Daughter to Caitlin (Halverson) and Wyatt Wall, Eastman

 Son to Kelly (Haase) and Mike Garson, Holmen

 Daughter to Rachael (Ziel) and Jon Petersen, La Crosse

 Daughter to Yvonne Nelson and Jeremy Pratt, Westby

 Daughter to Jessica Finch, Sparta

Aug 16

 Daughter to Brenda (Wedig) and Matthew Peterson, West Salem

 Daughter to Pamela (Watt) and Matthew Hansen, La Crosse

 Son to Pa (Yang) and Jeffrey Zielke, La Crosse

Aug 17

 Son to Ashlee Meier and Benjamin Johnson, Sparta

 Daughter to Christina (White) and Douglas Horstman II., La Crosse

 Son to Karli Zimmerman and Matt Winchell, Westby

 Daughter to Heather Krowiorz and Ian Young, La Crosse

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse

Aug. 7

 Son to Macey Shelton and Raymond Pegel, Tomah

Aug. 8

 Daughter to Derrick and Billie Woodward, La Crosse

 Daughter to Casey Brown and D’Angelo Jones, Viola

Aug. 9

 Daughter to Tricia Buisse and Brandon Sprinkle, Independence

Aug. 10

 Daughter to Rebecca Lichtie and Stephen Hicks, La Crosse

Aug. 11

 Son to Alan and Elizabeth (Crawford) Bires, Onalaska

Aug. 12

 Daughter to Todd and Jenna Barkeim, Holmen

Aug. 13

 Daughter to Mitchell and Jennifer Harris, Rockland

Aug. 15

 Son to Michael Kutina and Brittany Hostert, Lansing, Iowa

 Son to Andy and Megham (Thesing) Von Arx, Hokah, Minn.

 Son to Katie and Jon Rose, West Salem

Aug. 16

 Son to Christina and David Hamilton, La Crosse

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Aug. 10

 Daughter to Dan and Sara Breitsprecher, Tomah

 Son to Kara (Peterson) and Ben Lorenz, Tomah

Aug. 12

 Son to Seth and Claire Frost, Warrens

 Son to Lisa (Johnson) and Kurtis Miller, Sparta

 Son to Melinda (Wilcox) and Charles Vian, Sparta

Aug. 14

 Son to Dan and Nicole (Wiese) Crego, Tomah

Aug. 16

 Son to Feliciano Alvarez and Evelia Cortez, Norwalk

Aug. 17

 Daughter to Amber (Puent) Rhodes and Joe Holmes

Vernon Memorial Healthcare

Aug. 8

 Son to Tracy (Wagner) and Jason Goin, Westby

Aug. 11

 Son to Chelsea (Townsend) and Bryan Moret, Ferryville

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital

Aug. 11

 Daughter to Jessica and Jeremy Glasbrenner, Boscobel

 Daughter to Joanne Wegmuller Bark and James Bark, Bloomington, Wis.


Aug. 1

 Daughter to Bubba and Amy (Hancock) Speed, father formerly, La Crosse

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