Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

May 29

 Twin daughters to Kimberly Butterfield, Holmen

May 30

 Son to Regina Meyer and Curtis Harris, Caledonia, Minn.

 Daughter to Michelle (Rudie) and Mach Theige, Westby

 Son to Sarah (Tossing) and Michael Byom, La Crescent, Minn.

May 31

 Son to Laura (Adkins) and Nick Rowlett, Sparta

 Daughter to Colleen (Vierus) and John Meska, Winona, Minn.

 Son to Jamie Romanowski and Eric Stugen, Onalaska

June 1

 Daughter to Heidi Bigalk and Terry Jacobson, Decorah, Iowa

 Daughter to Nicole (Blume) and Martin Walchak, Onalaska

 Daughter to Candice (Lubeck) and Chad Herman, Coon Valley

June 2

 Son to Brittany Giebel, Strum, Wis.

 Daughter to Renae (Katsma) and Jared Heesch, La Crosse

 Daughter to Erin Connor and Jacob Paulson, Blair

June 3

 Daughter to Kate (Koopman) and William Carlisle, Onalaska

 Daughter to Abbie Simplot and Seth Worel, La Crosse

June 4

 Son to Lindsay (Vavrina) and Tyler Patterson, Holmen

 Son to Tara Bussewitz and Zeb Allert, La Crosse

 Son to Mattea (Swenink) and Heath Rudrud, Viroqua

 Son to Lindsey Lomas and Brian Green, Stoddard

 Daughter to Ashley King, Tomah

 Daughter to Griselda Cardona and Edwardo Vega, New Hampton, Iowa

June 5

 Daughter to Chelsea (Pozzabon) and Michael Sesemann, Sparta

 Daughter to Kathy (Revels) and Brian La Valley, Sparta

 Daughter to Lorena Ramirez Nava and Cesar Gonzalez Bravo, Sparta

June 6

 Daughter to Brooke and David Lueck, La Crosse

June 7

 Daughter to Sue Lor and Oua Thao, La Crosse

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse

May 30

 Son to Eric and Anna Ledebuhr, Blair

May 31

 Son to Lori and Jesse West, Galesville

 Daughter to John and Beth Metelko, La Crosse

June 1

 Son ti Kia Vang-Thao and Meng Thao, Onalaska

 Daughter to Brian and Cortney Ecklor, La Crosse

June 3

 Son to Neil and Jessica (Filla) Duda, Arcadia

 Daughter to Eric and Deidre Torgerson, Brownsville, Minn.

 Son to Robert and Carly Sebion, Galesville

 Daughter to Alan and Kadanne Dunn, Stoddard

June 4

 Daughter to Cory and Shannon (Denstad) Gilman, Stoddard

June 5

 Daughter to Samara Brooks, La Crosse

June 6

 Son to Taylor and Marissa Saukko, La Crosse

 Daughter to Mark And Chloe Sobotta, Arcadia

June 7

 Daughter to Mike and Jackie Stark, Houston, Minn.

Tomah Memorial Hospital

May 26

 Son to Amanda Lamberson, Sparta

May 30

 Daughter to Rachel Moy, Tomah

June 1

 Daughter to Paul and Heather (Finnigan) Triggs, Tomah

June 2

 Daughter to Mindy Amerman, Elroy, Wis.

Bertrand, Mo.

May 31

 Daughter to Sarah (Reed) and Erik Running, paternal grandparents of Rockland