Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center

Nov. 1

 Daughter to Juli (Becker) and Heath Smith, Prairie du Chien

Nov. 2

 Daughter to Stephanie (Erickson) and Carl Westby, Mabel, Minn.

 Daughter to Esther (Tewes) and Ralph Schneekloth, Mabel, Minn.

 Daughter to Ericka (Dunnum) and Andrew Klink, Buffalo City, Wis.

Nov. 3

 Daughter to Raelle Stevens and Joseph Ruedy, La Crosse

 Son to Lindsay Tolvstad and Randy Tuquero, Holmen

 Son to Indira Ganireddy and Srinivasa Chandana, La Crosse

Nov. 4

 Daughter to Melissa Rhode and Joshua Leske, La Crosse

Nov. 5

 Son to Casey (Sanders) and Adam Remke, Holmen

 Son to Tabatha Becherer and Silas Howell, Jr., Westby

 Daughter to Monica Jimenez Franco and Jose Mercado Esparza, Sparta

 Daughter to Nina Fields, Hillsboro

 Daughter to Sandra (Rotering) and Daren Bussian, Minnesota City, Minn.

Nov. 6

 Son to Laura (Dummer) and Charles Kasinger, West Salem.

 Daughter to Erica Nickelotti and Tyler Theobald, Genoa

Nov. 7

 Daughter to Melissa (Whetstone) and Kevin Kozlowski, Fountain City, Wis.

 Daughter to Nicole (Bendel) and Kurt Oswald, Onalaska

 Son to Elizabeth (Sipe) and Jesse Larson, La Crosse

Nov. 8

 Daughter to Nicole Hofschulte and Adam Halverson, Prairie du Chien

 Daughter to Brandi Le Blanc and Kevin Van Wormer, Sparta

 Son to Molly (Hinton) and Nicholas Thompson, Onalaska

Nov. 9

 Daughter to Karen (Haney) and Lynn Henning, Decorah, Iowa

 Son to Shonda and Frederick Childress, La Crosse

 Son to Ellen (Benter) and John Luebker, Onalaska

 Son to Nicole (Wortmann) and Shawn Robinson, Galesville

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse

Oct. 8

 Son to Timothy and Kristin Vix, Onalaksa

Nov. 2

 Son to David and Amy Capelli, Onalaska

 Son to Adam and Megan (Biondo) Ackerman, Coon Valley

 Son to Allen and Joan (Giertych) Mock, Onalaska

 Son to Cameo DeSart and Keith Lease, La Crosse

Nov. 3

 Son to Sarah Voshart and Michael Groth, West Salem

Nov. 4

 Daughter to Perry Loken and Tessa Loken, Dakota, Minn.

 Son to Hank and Karla Anderson, La Crosse

Nov. 5

 Son to William Fosbinder and Jodi Tabor, West Salem

Nov. 6

 Son to Peter Revels and Jennifer Fox, La Crosse

Nov. 7

 Son to Patrick and Emily (Meiners) Larson, Tomah

 Daughter to Jerry and Beth (Devine) Miller, La Crosse

Nov. 9

 Son to Gary and Windee (Zietlow) Hubbard, West Salem

 Son to Brian and Angel Hatlan, New Albin, Iowa

Tomah Memorial Hospital

Nov. 1

 Daughter to Kari Salter and Vern Schroeder, Westby

Nov. 7

 Son to Rainbow Chandler, Sparta

Vernon Memorial Healthcare

Oct. 27

 Son to April (Osthoff) and Robert Radde, Viroqua

Nov. 1

 Daughter to Heather (Petersheim) and Mike Metzler, Viroqua

Nov. 4

 Son to Phoebe (Berg) and Shawn Engh, Viroqua

Nov. 5

 Daughter to Rachel (Hanson) and Dustin Effinger, Viroqua

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital

Nov. 5

 Son to Stephaine Sprosty and Clay Bunders, Steuben, Wis.

Nov. 7

 Son to Heather Mezera, Prairie du Chien