Mayo Clinic Health

System in La Crosse

SEPT. 13

Daughter to Chad and Jenna Wiebke, Caledonia

SEPT. 15

Daughter to Luke and Andrea Alvin, Onalaska

Daughter to Jon Voshart and Amanda Kohlmeier, Hokah

SEPT. 18

Daughter to Amanda Wiegert and Scott Tyler, La Crosse

SEPT. 19

Son to Blake and Kinsey Shepherd, West Salem

Son to Kathy Ballin and Ricardo Martinez, Arcadia

SEPT. 21

Daughter to Deatra and Jasmine Green, La Crosse

Daughter to Adam and Robyn Foye, Holmen

SEPT. 22

Daughter to Andrew and Leah Brueggen, Ontario

SEPT. 24

Daughter to Marcus and Megan Walters, Fountain City

Daughter to Caprice Delagrave and Ruben Ibarra, Onalaska

SEPT. 25

Daughter to Christina Williams, Onalaska

SEPT. 26

Daughter to Joleen Schaub and Thomas Brennan, Tomah

Son to Melanie and Christopher Klug, Tomah

SEPT. 27

Son to Candice and Travis Bain, Melrose

Daughter to Vanessa Cooper and Odell Thompson, La Crosse

Daughter to Tanner Johnson and Nicole Strasser, La Crosse

Tomah Memorial


SEPT. 21

Son to Ashley Hayward and Tyler Burton, Camp Douglas

Daughter to Elizabeth and Andrew Bloom, Tomah

SEPT. 23

Son to Cassandra VonRuden, Rockland


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