Ebner Joint Revocable Trust, 3451 Hwy. 16, sign-billboard existing.

Kerry S. Everts, 1549 Wood St., detached garage, $7,000.

Jerome J. and Mary Ann Dwyer, 2855 21st Terrace S., wooden patio/deck, $500.

Sheila A., Garth J. Bendel, Barbara A. Ulrich, 3174 29th Court S., residential addition, $4,200.

Jason C. Schoen, 2933 Birch St., yard shed, $1,200.

Lucas C. and Amy N. Evjen, 2203 22nd St. S., re-siding, $8,000.

Jordana V. and Wesley J. Snyder, 1511 North St., re-roof, $8,100.

Curtis R. and Molly R. Riley, 1640 Wood St., re-window/door, $300.

Irene M. Wang, 942 Hood St., yard shed, $200.

City of La Crosse, 400 La Crosse St., commercial alteration, $5,000.

Mark P. and Kimberly J. Thole, 1226 20th St. S., re-window/door, $7,557.

Jeffrey L. and Kristin L. Sexton, 2128 32nd St. S., re-roof, side, window, $8,900.

Richard A. Beal, 1425 Loomis St., residential alteration, $40,000.

Ann M. Padesky, 2026 Market St., re-window/door, $5,500.

William A. and Sarah I. Kratt, 504 28th St. S., re-roof, side, window, $30,000.

Richard J. Staff and Nancy A. Gerrard, 427 Losey Blvd. N., re-roof, $8,500.

Jay F. Hoeschler, Reuben Nicolai DBA Junip, 5450 33rd St. S., wooden patio/deck, $500.

Kevin P. and Leslie J. Smaby, 4665 Brickyard Lane, wooden patio/deck, $1,200.

Todd and Donna Hilby, 2213 30th St. S., re-siding, $3,000.

Sarah V. Lien, 1035 19th St. S., re-window/door, $4,750.

R. Hamilton Enterprises LLC, 1819 16th St. S., re-roof, $900.

Clifford G. Hagen, 1624 Campbell St., re-roof, $14,000.

Richard L. and Judith M. Kehr, 1423 Kane St., re-siding, $9,000.

Kim K. and Donna L. Miller, 2302 Prospect St., demolition entire structure.

Kim K. and Donna L. Miller, 2302 Prospect St., detached garage, $14,750.

Company Office Inc., c/o Hanover Direct, 455 Park Plaza Drive, commercial alteration, $19,000.

Joseph M. and Tracy L. Endrizzi, 236 17th Place S., residential alteration, $35,000.


Don and Cheryl Colburn, 536 Spruce St. E., above-ground pool with surround deck, $8,000.

Evenson and Co. Inc., 1023 Valley Vue Drive, new single-family dwelling with attached garage, $175,800.

Richard Demore, 225 Ninth Ave. S., home improvement-roofing, $9,232.

Skipper Sykes, 1101 Pierce St., home improvement-roofing, $1,800.

Ship Shape Car Wash, 1251 Crossing Meadow Drive, interior commercial remodel, $10,000.

John Habhegger, 960 Aspen Valley Drive, basement buildout, family room, bath and craft room, $8,500.

Tim Miller, 601 Eighth Ave. S., replacement deck, $200.

Paul and Kathy Schams, 1088 Fair Meadow Way, single-family dwelling with attached garage, $281,000.

Jim Hanson, 3629 Hansen Place, home improvement-roofing, $6,500.


Clark R. Vangalder, 3551 Old M. Road, West Salem, new detached accessory building, $2,000.

Randal L. Josephson, 4295 Drectrah Road, La Crosse, new detached accessory garage, $20,000.

Richard E. Chester, 1640 Caroline St., new addition to residence, $50.

Jason Sikorski, new attached deck, new above-ground swimming pool, $6,000.

Douglas G. Mikshowsky, 1535 Schwartz Road, La Crosse, new detached accessory building, $4,500.

Robert J. Clements, 5260 Hidden River Road, West Salem, new detached accessory garage, $33,468.

Dale L. Lenz, 8978 Aspeslet Road, Holmen, new four-season porch, new covered porch, $17,000.

Bjorn A. Broten, 7740 Volendam St., Holmen, new single-family home, new attached deck, new attached garage, new covered porch, new screen room, $240,000.

John W. Beirne, 6752 Freier Road, Holmen, new detached accessory garage, $4,500.

Chia Mai Vang, 6871 Cloverdale Road, Onalaska, new greenhouse, new addition to attached garage, $8,000.

Betty L. Lovejoy, 8175 Hwy. Z, Onalaska, new detached accessory garage, $5,600.

William E. Carskadon, 7379 Hwy. Z, Onalaska, new addition to residence, $26,000.

Craig J. Ausrud, 6674 Forest Court, Holmen, new above-ground swimming pool, new detached deck, $5,000.

John A. Weeks, 4915 Mill St., La Crosse, addition attached garage, $10,500.

Michael R. Thompson, 5534 Southdale Drive, La Crosse, new detached accessory structure, $1,500.

Ridge History Park Inc., 1794 Korn Clements Road, Bangor, new covered entry, new public building, new patio-covered, $150,000.

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