If you can’t locate a calendar, just take a drive by the home of Kay Nix on Main Street. Once you get to the 2500 block, you’ll know it’s almost Halloween because Kay’s yard is full of fall decorations.

No matter the time of year — winter, spring, summer or fall — Kay has decorations to mark the holidays.

“People from the bluff come driving down and say, ‘I wonder what you’re going to have?’”

While Kay decorates indoors and out, the centerpiece of her outdoor display is a bike frame with baskets that allows her to switch out characters. At Christmas, Santa pedals as fast as he can to get everything delivered. In the spring, the Easter bunny takes over.

Right now, a crow is flanked by mums in full bloom.

Inside, the decorations are even more numerous. The fireplace mantle is changed out according to the season and right now features fall décor. But soon the crows and scarecrows will be edged aside for Santas and angels.

What doesn’t change from season to season is the den. That has been designated the Packers room and it’s decked wall to wall in green and gold.

“I have probably 15 people that come for the Packers games,” Kay said. “Grandkids and girlfriends and boyfriends — I never know who is going to be in the house.”

And that’s just fine with Kay. With five children and 18 grandchildren, the home on Main Street is still Nix central for her extended clan.

“They all come to Grandma’s for the holidays.”

And that has fueled Kay’s desire to decorate.

“I just find stuff and buy it — if it’s on sale,” she said with a laugh. “Whatever I can find. I just like decorating and I like family.”


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