David Gorsett, 1222 Kane St., fence $1,500.

Christene Breininger, 2861 21st Terrace S., garage, $21,000.

Joseph Kreuzer, 1730 Onalaska Ave., fence, $600.

Alice Backlund, 4403 Meadowlark Lane, fence, $4,716.

Shirley Fried, 723 Rose St., fence, $2,582.

Kristy Brantner, 2216 13th St. S., wooden patio deck, $2,000.

Werner Electric Ventures LLC, 3120 Berlin Drive, commercial building, $2,000,000.

Citizens Building LLC, 620 Main St., alteration, $590,000.

Whole Toad LLC, 3939 Hwy. B, alteration, $120,000.

William Berge, 1003 West Ave. S., addition, $350,000.

City of La Crosse, 2850 Airport Road, new building, $961,000.

Spies Construction LLC, 1203 Sixth St. S., demolition.

Christene Breininger, 2861 21st Terrace S., demolition.

Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center, 1918 Miller St., roof, $4,950.

William Katra, 2041 George St., roof, $600.

Dorothy Betz, 1116 16th St. S., roof, $5,500.

Karla Hansen, 1415 Loomis St., roof, $1,300.

Marilyn Ritter, 1006 Liberty St., roof, $5,000.

Wisconsin Business & Education Services LLC, 1115 Division St., roof, $14,650.

Nicholas Marson, 3120 Losey Blvd. S., roof, $7,600.

Rex La Crosse Properties LLC, 712 Main St., sign, $310.

Thomas Newcomb, 1226 27th St. S., addition $50,000.

Corey Rinder, 4205 Elm Drive, alteration, $35,000.

Christene Breininger, 2861 21st Terrace S., alteration, $4,500.

Spies Construction LLC, 1203 Sixth St. S., new single family home, $180,000.

Rhonda Ruzicka, 2007 19th St. S. addition, $29,899.


Daniel and Susan Ryan, N5630 Moos Road, Onalaska, deck, $3,000.

Avery Hendrickson, W2845 Kloss Road, La Crosse, change of use/occupancy, $30,000.

John Gallagher and Amanda Volker, N169 Old Hwy. 35, Stoddard, accessory building, $5,500.

Frederick Funk, W7811 Hwy. ZB, Onalaska, accessory building and shore-land structure, $40,000.

Gary and Susan Webb, N4982 Stuhr Court, Onalaska,deck, $4,500.

Thomas and Christine Brown Trust, N3620 Smith Valley Road, La Crosse, accessory building, $30,000.

Terry and Michelle Olson, W6328 Superior St., Onalaska, accessory building/deck, $3,400.

Justin and Stacy Wieman, N1063 Hwy. M, Coon Valley, accessory building, $50,000.

Alexander Fuchsteiner, 1604 Lakeshore Drive, La Crosse, addition to residence/shore-land structure, $65,000.

Robert and Margelyn Berndt, N2626 Potato Ridge Road, La Crosse, single family home, $321,481.

Jesse and Cortni Berger, N406 Ten Mile Circle, Coon Valley, accessory building, $20,000.

Dean and Danita Muller, N3650 Peters Road, La Crosse, covered porch, $6,000.

Brian and Patricia Horstmann, W3351 Horstman Road, West Salem, change in use-structure, $195,035.

Timber Ridge Ltd., W6789 Abbey Road, Onalaska, sign, $19,000.


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